Format Each eBook Chapter Before you Write It

Written by Judy Cullins

Format Each eBook Chapter Before you Write It Judy Cullins c. 2003 All Rights Reserved

Do you have a problem creating a focus in your chapters? Does your writing slip around, leaving a muddy path torepparttar gold--your unique, useful message?

Format each chapter in your book. Your consistency, your organized, focused copy will compel your reader to want to read every chapter because they are easy to understand.

Most writers start writing before they are sure of their eBook's main focus or thesis. The thesis is your book's major answer for a problem your targeted audience has. "Five Ways to Market Your Book Online" has its thesis built intorepparttar 108429 title, a definite plus. You know byrepparttar 108430 title you'll learn five Online marketing techniques to overcome your problem of not selling enough eBooks.

Before you write any chapters except chapter one, make each chapter title a mini thesis that also answers a part of your whole book's thesis. forrepparttar 108431 title "Five Ways to Market Your Book Online" you will have 5 chapters that all have to do withrepparttar 108432 title. Let's say one chapter is titled "Market your Book Through Free Articles."

In this chapter you need to sketch out what your format will be before you write a single word.

1. For instance, you may openrepparttar 108433 chapter with a pertinent quote."Articles arerepparttar 108434 # One Way to Promote your Books and Services" by Judy Cullins, Book Coach.

You may open with several thought-provoking questions or shocking facts. You may even start with a short story or analogy. Any opening needs to hook your reader to keep reading.

2. Second, you followrepparttar 108435 opening with a success story to illustrate how one person's articles brought her new product and service sales.

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