Forget SEO – It’s All About Conversion!

Written by Stephen Munday

Which SEO hat do you wear? Is it white or black? Or perhaps it’s a subtle shade of gray. Well, wherever you are on this spectrum, if you are like 99% ofrepparttar SEO-fixated webmasters out there, you are doing all you can to get visitors to your site. Where you used to optimize your keywords meta tags, you now worry about anchor text and XML site maps.

So, you finesse your site, schmoozerepparttar 146177 algorithm du jour and begin to climbrepparttar 146178 slippery search engine rankings pole. But this is where you have to leave your SEO tricks behind and start thinking conversion.

Whoa there! Conversion? That’s all about making sales on shopping sites. My site’s a forum! I don’t sell anything. What has conversion got to do with me?

Everything, my friend. Everything….

SERP Conversion

You want visitors to come your site, right? That’s why you climb greasy SERP pole, after all. (And why you lay awake at night wondering whenrepparttar 146179 next Florida, Hilltop or Bourbon algorithm earthquake is going to hit.) But what does it matter if you reachrepparttar 146180 peak, but no one clicks through to your site anyway?

The fact is that you have to convert prospective visitors even before they arrive. You have to pique their interest, tweak their curiosity and make sure they click your link and notrepparttar 146181 other guy’s. And all you have to use are words. No technical tricks will help you now – your only tools are plain ol’ words.

The SERPs will show words from two of three places. Two of these you can control and one you can’t:

1.Your title tag.

2.Your meta description tag.

3.A directory description.

(For example, Google is known to use DMOZ descriptions in their SERPs, and Yahoo uses their directory descriptions in theirs.)

Now, there’s not much you can do about how Yahoo or DMOZ editors describe your site, so don’t worry about number 3. But do what you can do: Place your value propositions clearly in 1 and 2, and use them to lure searchers into your website.

So you have to convert people before they even get to your site. But that’s not all…. You want them to stay, right?

Flash Conversion

No, this has nothing to do with being blinded by bright lights onrepparttar 146182 road to Damascus. Nor am I telling you to go and make a 100% animated website.

This “flash” is that split second, that tiny window of opportunity that opens up when a searcher arrives at your site and decides whether they have actually found what they are looking for… or not.

Typically, you’ll have a couple of seconds to persuaderepparttar 146183 new visitor to stay and hang out. That’s all you get. It’srepparttar 146184 ultimate in speed-dating. So, how do you wow your “date”? Do you show him a page of scraped “content” interspersed with Adsense ads? Not if you want this to be a lasting relationship.

Follow these tips and be sure to impress your “date”:

1. Have a clear theme

Ranking high for “blue widgets”? Then be sure your visible title, copy and images are clearly focused on them.

2. Have a clean design

Imagine you are taking a first date to a movie. Do you pick her up wearing your pajamas in a dirty, trash-filled car? Or do you cleanrepparttar 146185 car, wash your face and dress to impress? Of course you want to impress her, so you make sure you look (and smell) good.

It’srepparttar 146186 same with your site: Clean design, a nice text size and pages that don’t scroll from here to eternity are going to float your first-time visitor-date’s boat.

3. Write clearly and focus on your “date”

Waffle on about yourself and your date will get bored. She wants you to be interested in her. And in terms of your site, that means giving her what she wants to know as quickly and succinctly as possible. This comes down to your ability to write and communicate. So, if you are like Steve Martin in “Roxanne”, make sure you get a someone else (a copywriter) to composerepparttar 146187 lines to wow your “date” for you.

Adding Content To Your Site Every Day

Written by Rick Rouse

If you have been a webmaster for more than a week, you've surely heardrepparttar saying "Content Is King". And it really is true! This article will explain whyrepparttar 146072 regular addition of fresh content to your website is so crucial and explain several ways to do it easily and inexpensively (even free).

Why Adding Fresh Content Regularly Is So Important

Adding new content to your website on a regular basis isrepparttar 146073 key to your online success for several reasons:

1 - The search engine spiders LOVE to crawl new pages. Their is intense competition inrepparttar 146074 quest to be considered "the best" overall search engine, andrepparttar 146075 total quantity of pages in their index is an important bragging right forrepparttar 146076 winner. Believe me, if you'll investrepparttar 146077 time required to add new high-quality informational articles to your website on a regular basis, Google andrepparttar 146078 other search engines will reward you very well for it!

2 - Adding fresh content to your site on a regular basis (every day, if possible) keeps Google's spider "interested" in your site. Once it realizes that you add at least one new page every day, it will visit your site and crawl your your pages more frequently. Your new pages will get crawled, indexed and begin showing up in searches in days instead of weeks!

3 - More quality content is good for attracting more visitors to your website. Why? It's a numbers game - if your site has 1,000 pages indexed inrepparttar 146079 search engines, that means there are 1,000 "roads" to your site fromrepparttar 146080 search results. Your site will have a greater chance of being "found" onrepparttar 146081 search engines for a whole slew of search terms than if you had only, say, 50 pages.

Note that I said QUALITY content. Don't just put up junk - believe me,repparttar 146082 search engines and your visitors alike will hate junk.

4 - More content attracts more one-way inbound links, which in turn boosts your search engine rankings. Gaining lots of links to lots of pages will help boostrepparttar 146083 status of your website inrepparttar 146084 "eyes" of Google, Yahoo, etc. and your pages will rank higher for their search terms.

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