"Forget Everything You've Ever Read About Water Heating..."

Written by John Williams

In recent times electric tankless hot water heaters are progressively making a name for themselves inrepparttar United States as optimum water heater cost savers.

In addition in many areas outside ofrepparttar 134856 United States, electric tankless water heaters are considered to be far superior torepparttar 134857 standard and more traditional hot water heaters with tanks that take up entire closets and indeed soak up lots of dollars each month.

The tank units are seen as antiquated and entirely inefficient in both water heating mechanism and costs. Yet people stick with because they are tried and true.

In many ways, this belief is true. Hot water heater tanks never quite stop working and are generally fairly reliable. But there is one over riding issue withrepparttar 134858 traditional water heaters which is that even if nothing inrepparttar 134859 house is usingrepparttar 134860 heater,repparttar 134861 heater is still wasting energy and therefore still costing money. But despite what they have used inrepparttar 134862 past and despite what they have paid for water heating inrepparttar 134863 paste, people can actually change their heating and hot water rates if they install a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are simply more efficient systems than tank units because they don't soak uprepparttar 134864 energy whenrepparttar 134865 tank is not in use.

Concrete Cutting: Shedding Light On Your Basement Remodel

Written by Robert Short

Basements or cellars (depending on which part ofrepparttar country you are from) are primarily seen as dark and dingy parts of a home. In most cases they are considered a useless area or are used as a “catch all” for family discards that haven’t quite made it torepparttar 118026 curbside for trash pick up yet. Well, withrepparttar 118027 skyrocketing prices of real estate these days andrepparttar 118028 lack of any substantial property to use for an addition to our homes,repparttar 118029 basement, after years of being ignored and neglected, is finally being recognized as a useful, cost effective resource for adding more living space to our beloved homes.

Several factors that have to be considered before any serious basement renovations take place include ceiling height, stair pitch or steepness and emergency egress. All three of these requirements can differ considerably depending on where you live. You can call your local building department and they can tell you these requirements. As for what emergency egress is, it is basically an emergency escape. A door of at least 30” wide in most areas is considered a very safe egress but a window has to be a certain size and a minimum distance fromrepparttar 118030 floor in order to be considered safe. Believe it or not,repparttar 118031 wayrepparttar 118032 safe size and height of a basement window is calculated is by determining how easily an overweight elderly person (considered worst case scenario) can open and climb out of in case of a fire or another emergency. In reality, these building codes were put in place because no one is going to get out of one of those old metal framed 18” X 30” pull in basement windows very easily (especially an overweight elderly person) and they would probably die trying inrepparttar 118033 unfortunate event of a fire.

Most local building codes require both a door and a window egress in order forrepparttar 118034 basement to be considered safe enough for a living area. In many cases building codes require an emergency egress be placed in every bedroom in a basement as well. If you are inrepparttar 118035 habit of doing home remodeling or repairs withoutrepparttar 118036 proper building permits, it is very important for you and your family’s safety that you find out whatrepparttar 118037 code is in your area and adhere to it.

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