Forensic Science Careers - Real Life CSI

Written by Lindsay Jaroch

Advances in scientific technology in examining crimes scenes have turned forensic science into a high demand and rapidly growing career field. Adding torepparttar popularity of forensic science jobs are TV shows like CSI – Crime Scene Investigators. This article will serve as an overview for a career in forensic science that includes many subcategories like forensic science consultants, fingerprint technicians, fingerprint examiners, forensic investigators and evidence technicians. Forensic Scientist Job Description

Forensic scientists investigate crimes by collecting crime scene evidence and usingrepparttar 107122 natural sciences to analyzerepparttar 107123 data they recover. They generally work 40 hours each week in a forensic science laboratory. Forensic science technicians are often required to go torepparttar 107124 crime scene and collectrepparttar 107125 physical evidence that can be found. They work closely with government officials and police detectives in order to help solve crimes.

Additional tasks forensic scientists have include:

Reconstructing crime scenes

Collecting and analyzing DNA samples

Reporting investigative findings

Examining firearms and bullets

Analyzing textual evidence

Taking fingerprints

Interpreting laboratory findings

Keeping logs and records

Operating all laboratory equipment

Most forensic scientists specialize in certain types of evidence such as DNA analysis, firearm research and weapons testing, examining fiber, hair, tissue, or body fluid substances. They often work with chemicals, fluid samples and firearms that demand safety precautions. However,repparttar 107126 risk of harm or contamination within these working conditions is minimal.

Salary Ranges / Job Outlook for a Forensic Scientist

Of all science technicians, forensic scientists currently earnrepparttar 107127 second highest annual salary. In 2002repparttar 107128 average pay rate for a forensic scientist was $19.73 per hour, or approximately $41,000. The low ten percent of this scale earned around $12.06 per hour - $25,100 yearly. The highest ten percent earned around $31.49 per hour - $65,500 yearly. However,repparttar 107129 pay range depends upon factors like type of specialty, years of experience, type of employment and location.

Inrepparttar 107130 United States,repparttar 107131 employment rate for forensic scientists is expected to grow steadily overrepparttar 107132 next decade. Current Nationwide trends estimate that job openings for forensic scientists will rise approximately 19 percent by 2012. These numbers indicate more than 360 job positions opening up each year. In 2002, forensic scientists held approximately 8,400 job positions. These scientists work mainly for State and local governments, but keep close professional relationships with police investigators and other crime experts.

Portable Careers for Military Spouses

Written by Victoria M. Parham

"Pack your Career and Let’s Go"

How many times have you relocated? How many jobs have you held inrepparttar past 10 years? Do these questions sound familiar? I bet they do. Military spouses face unique challenges when it comes to their professional careers. Many have maderepparttar 107121 decision to foregorepparttar 107122 careers of their active duty spouse before their own. However technology is opening doors and creating opportunity for military spouses to establish careers that travel with them.

Portable careers are a growing trend amongrepparttar 107123 military spouse community. Frequent relocations once frowned upon, are now being welcomed with open arms thanks torepparttar 107124 wonderful world of technology andrepparttar 107125 Internet. Military spouses can now utilize their talents, skills, and abilities to launch viable virtual companies at home and/or in cyberspace.

Fast dialup connections and high speed Internet access enable spouses to conduct business online in real time onrepparttar 107126 web from anywhere inrepparttar 107127 world, literally. From Alaska to Japan, from New York to Florida spouses are able to sell products and services to clients aroundrepparttar 107128 globe.

Why is this new way of working so appealing to military spouses? Great question! Spouses look forward to those three little words every three to four years, “Honey, we’re moving. In times past this meant quitting a job and starting all over, portable careers however allow a spouse to take not only their career/business but also his/her clientele, this benefit alone eliminatesrepparttar 107129 reduction in household income.

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