Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin Comes Into Focus as Parts Train's Auto Body Parts Supercharge Every Ford Vehicle

Written by Jenny McLane

The Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin isrepparttar world's first high-performance sport-utility truck (SUT). We're looking to take Ford performance to an entirely new market segment withrepparttar 137667 Sport Trac Adrenalin," says Steve Lyons, vice president, Ford Motor Company and president, Ford Division. "Adrenalin is designed to offer a unique combination of performance and functionality.

Adrenalin has combinedrepparttar 137668 best attributes of two breakthrough Ford vehicles - Ford SVT F-150 Lightning and Ford Explorer Sport Trac. It also offers class-leading technologies, including all-wheel drive, a six-speed automatic transmission and Ford's industry-leading AdvanceTrac® with Roll Stability Control™. It offers four full-sized doors, four bolstered bucket seats, and a four-foot composite box with 30 percent more cargo capacity thanrepparttar 137669 current Explorer Sport Trac.

"We have a very clear view of what we want to do to retain Ford's leadership in performance vehicles," says Phil Martens group vice president, Product Creation. "This includes looking beyond traditional SVT products for opportunities with unique performance attributes, such as all-wheel-drive." The Sport Trac Adrenalin delivers searing acceleration with its 4.6-liter, 32-valve DOHC V-8 power train. A Roots-type supercharger and water-to-air intercooler boost output to a whopping 390 horsepower and 390 pounds-feet of torque.

It has a six-speed automatic transmission -repparttar 137670 first for any SVT vehicle, which has proven capable of heavy-duty use, contributing torepparttar 137671 projected 6000-pound towing capacities ofrepparttar 137672 Sport Trac Adrenalin. "In addition to providing sure footing on slick surfaces, there's a performance advantage to all-wheel drive," says Jay O'Connell, SVT chief vehicle engineer. "A longstanding problem with performance trucks was their inability to 'hook up' from a standing start without excessive wheel spin. This AWD system puts power down through all four tires, helping Adrenalin launch with impressive authority."

Chevrolet Corvette 2006: Get Superior Chevrolet Auto Parts from Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

With 500 horsepower, GM saysrepparttar 2006 Corvette Z06 isrepparttar 137666 fastest, most powerful car ever offered byrepparttar 137667 automaker. The car can zip from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds and fly throughrepparttar 137668 quarter-mile in less than 12 seconds with a top speed of more than 190 mph on a racetrack.

"We buy watches that cost thousands of dollars and don't tell time better than a $20 Swatch," said Bob Lutz, vice chair of General Motors Corporation. It’srepparttar 137669 same thing with high-horsepower cars. You don't move any faster in traffic than you do with a Chevy Aveo, but it's all about knowing that you have all this power and potential at your disposal." The car's body is made of aluminum, andrepparttar 137670 front fenders and front wheelhouses are made of carbon fiber. The Z06 also has a unique front fascia with a larger grille, cold-air scoop and lower air splitter. The interior is different, too, with a special gauge cluster featuringrepparttar 137671 Z06 logo onrepparttar 137672 tachometer and lightweight two-tone seats.

Derived from Chevy's successful Corvette racing program,repparttar 137673 ZO6 has an all-new chassis that replacesrepparttar 137674 conventional car's steel parts with lightweight aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber. The new LS7 7.0-liter OHV (overhead valve) V-8 engine forrepparttar 137675 2006 ZO6 Corvette will not only achieve 500 horsepower, it will be capable of running up to 7100 rpm. The previous limit was 6600 rpm inrepparttar 137676 6.0-liter LS2.

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