Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle with Ford Automotive Replacement Parts at Parts Train

Written by Jenny McLane

The Focus FCV is one ofrepparttar industry's first hybridized fuel cell vehicles combiningrepparttar 142050 improved range and performance of hybrid technology withrepparttar 142051 overall benefits of a fuel cell.

Using a fuel cell powertrain supplied by Ballard Power Systems,repparttar 142052 world leader in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology,repparttar 142053 FCV is hybridized withrepparttar 142054 addition of a nickel metal–hydride battery pack and a brake-by-wire electro-hydraulic series regenerative braking system. The fuel cell engine converts chemical energy into electric energy using hydrogen fuel and oxygen from air. The electric energy then powersrepparttar 142055 vehicle's electric drive motor, producing only water vapor and heat as by-products.

Just like Honda's Insight and Civic hybrids,repparttar 142056 new battery 'assists'repparttar 142057 main powerplant by adding extra power when accelerating or climbing hills, and is charged by regenerative braking system when braking or decelerating. Of course,repparttar 142058 Civic and Insight use a small gasoline internal combustion engine instead of a fuel cell, butrepparttar 142059 principle isrepparttar 142060 same.

“This Focus FCV isrepparttar 142061 most sophisticated environmental vehicle Ford has developed,” said Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, Ford Motor Company vice president, Research and Advanced Engineering. “As such, is a critical success in our long-term strategy to move toward high volume production of hydrogen powered cars and trucks.”

The Focus FCV has onboard sensors, which constantly monitorrepparttar 142062 fuel cell stack, trunk andrepparttar 142063 passenger compartment. If trace amounts of hydrogen are detected,repparttar 142064 system will warnrepparttar 142065 driver. If a slightly higher level is detected,repparttar 142066 system will transition to a limited operating strategy and then begin shutting down vehicle operations.

Its new battery pack, regenerative braking system and improved hydrogen gas storage tank help increaserepparttar 142067 driving range ofrepparttar 142068 four-passenger Focus FCV to between 250 km (160 miles) and 320 km (200 miles) - about 30% better thanrepparttar 142069 previous version,

Chevy Silverado Hybrid Pickup 2005 Revs It Up In Performance Parts at Partstrain

Written by Jenny McLane

Vehicles with bigger, less fuel-efficient engines will benefit more from hybrid technology, thus big pickup trucks, vans and SUVs are prime candidates forrepparttar gas-saving benefits of hybrid technology. The Chevy Silverado hybrid pickup feature GM's 5300 Vortec V-8 and Hydra-Matic 4L60-E four-speed automatic transmission, coupled with hybrid technology that delivers 10 to 12 percent improved fuel economy over GM half-ton pickups.

It features a powerful 42-volt lead-acid battery pack underneathrepparttar 142049 rear seat, an auxiliary starter-generator betweenrepparttar 142050 engine andrepparttar 142051 transmission, an electronic control module, and a regenerative braking system, which chargesrepparttar 142052 battery while braking, and coasting.

With an auxiliary generator capability,repparttar 142053 truck's generator can operate whenrepparttar 142054 truck is parked without a key inrepparttar 142055 ignition. The hybrid Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups could power tools or appliances for up to 32 hours non-stop. This design shutsrepparttar 142056 engine down beforerepparttar 142057 tank is emptied, leaving enough gas to drive to a station for refueling. All power supply circuits are protected by a ground fault detection system to prevent overloads and short circuits.

A compact electric motor that generates up to 14,000 watts of continuous electric power makes these pickup trucks more fuel-efficient. The main function ofrepparttar 142058 three deep-cycle lead acid batteries is to assistrepparttar 142059 starter generator to instantly restartrepparttar 142060 engine. Whenrepparttar 142061 Silverado Hybrid comes to a stop while in Drive or Park,repparttar 142062 engine will automatically shut off. Whenrepparttar 142063 driver takes his/her foot offrepparttar 142064 brake and puts it onrepparttar 142065 accelerator,repparttar 142066 engine re-starts automatically and almost seamlessly.

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