Ford Defective Door Attorney Says:

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Have you or someone you loved owned or ridden in a Ford F150, Ford F250 light-duty, Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator or Lincoln Blackwood model from 1997-2000? These models suffer from a serious defect that threatensrepparttar safety and lives of its passengers. As early as 1995 Fordís testing on an Expedition revealed a defect inrepparttar 149602 door latching mechanism. It was found that under very light impactrepparttar 149603 doors would unlatch and open, resulting in victims falling fromrepparttar 149604 vehicles, causing paralysis and death. Aware of this serious danger, Ford continued to release these defective models.

In late 1997, Transport Canada ran its own vehicle safety tests and observed this same door latch problem, contacted Ford, and revealedrepparttar 149605 defective doors torepparttar 149606 public. Door latch systems are required byrepparttar 149607 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 206) to withstandrepparttar 149608 forces of a crash and remain closed, protecting drivers and passengers. The Ford vehicles do not follow this law. Some customers have even observed their Ford door opening while simply driving downrepparttar 149609 road. However, most customers do not become aware ofrepparttar 149610 defect until it threatens their lives in a crash situation. By then it is too late.

Allrepparttar 149611 accidents, injuries, and deaths resulting fromrepparttar 149612 Ford door latch malfunctions could have been easily prevented, since it is alleged that Ford has known aboutrepparttar 149613 illegal, dangerous defect throughoutrepparttar 149614 manufacturing process. Ford has not yet fixedrepparttar 149615 doors. Becauserepparttar 149616 defect is illegal and because Ford knowingly distributed these dangerous vehicles, you may be entitled to monetary compensation from Ford for any injuries you or your family has suffered.

Vanity License Plates Express More Than Vanity

Written by Howard Young

Vanity license plates drive me crazy. Especially when I canít figure outrepparttar cryptic six or seven letter messagerepparttar 149436 car owner is expressing. Sometimesrepparttar 149437 car owner helps out with a hint or two posted onrepparttar 149438 license plate frame.

I always wanted to get a vanity plate for my new car, but Iím usually intently focused on negotiatingrepparttar 149439 best possible deal and forget aboutrepparttar 149440 plate.

In California,repparttar 149441 Department of Motor Vehicles gives you a second chance to order vanity plates for your new or used car. You can order special interest plates through or by calling 1-800-777-0133.

The purchase price and annual renewal fees help support nonprofit organizations. Currently, California special interest plates support seven different organizations:

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