Force the download, hide the path

Written by Ralf Stadtaus

Forcerepparttar download, hiderepparttar 131557 path

This is an article about providing downloads on a website. It describes common webmaster issues when it comes to file downloads and it will discuss several solutions. Some of them are easy to implement, others require a little technical background and programming skills. But inrepparttar 131558 end, everyone will have a suitable solution for his problem.

If someone wants to provide a download on his website, one can find following instruction note besiderepparttar 131559 link:

Right click onrepparttar 131560 link and fromrepparttar 131561 context menu, select "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer or "Save Link As" in Netscape/Mozilla.

If you search in Google for "right click" "save link as" OR "save target as", you will get around 1,750,000 search results. It seems to be very common inrepparttar 131562 web.

The reason for this is that several file types are opened directly withinrepparttar 131563 browser window (JPG, GIF, MP3, MPG, AVI, PNG, TXT, PDF, and of course HTML). Other file types start an extern application (XLS, DOC, PPT). It depends onrepparttar 131564 operating system,repparttar 131565 browser software andrepparttar 131566 pluginsrepparttar 131567 visitor has installed and while opening those files instantly might berepparttar 131568 intended behavior in many cases, sometimes you want a file to be downloaded.

One solution could be to packrepparttar 131569 file as ZIP or GZIP archive. In fact you should pack all your download files because it can save your bandwidth and reducerepparttar 131570 download time for your visitor. Onrepparttar 131571 other hand, packing files like JPG, GIF, MP3, or AVI does not make much sense because these file formats are pack formats itself. Packing these files into a ZIP file will not reducerepparttar 131572 file size significantly in most cases.

What isrepparttar 131573 downside of a pack format like ZIP or GZIP? Not everyone has a software to unpack them on his local computer and therefore you would loose some ofrepparttar 131574 target audience. Especially when it comes to visitors with little experience in usingrepparttar 131575 internet, you end up writing support e-mails instructing visitors how to unpackrepparttar 131576 ZIP or GZIP archive.

Another solution would be server side scripting. Scripting languages like PHP providerepparttar 131577 possibility to tell a browser not to open a file but download it torepparttar 131578 visitor's local computer. These scripts forcerepparttar 131579 browser to openrepparttar 131580 save file as dialogue automatically.

The Struggle with Website Tools

Written by Ralf Stadtaus

Aboutrepparttar problems webmasters have with website development - andrepparttar 131554 solution.

Webmaster support forums and message boards are full of users trying to install and customize Perl or PHP scripts. Most of them struggle with at least one step ofrepparttar 131555 installation process.

Some ofrepparttar 131556 scripts have no (useful) documentation. Others simply can't get to work withrepparttar 131557 server environment. Another fraction of scripts have loads of features that makerepparttar 131558 configuration complex and time-consuming. And most ofrepparttar 131559 scripts don't feature template files to customizerepparttar 131560 layout so that it matches withrepparttar 131561 Web site's layout. Since nobody and nothing is perfect, it is expected that users, especiallyrepparttar 131562 inexperienced ones, run into problems. Good for them, ifrepparttar 131563 script developers provide support.

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