For a new life in the new year, take action!

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Stuck? Wondering what to do about finding a job, a relationship or a new home? Don't get caught inrepparttar self-analysis trap: months, days and even years of "thinking." I've met dozens of people who think "getting free" begins with an armchair, a self-help book and a beer. Action creates energy. Have you ever spent a whole day driving? Lying onrepparttar 131413 couch with a book and a heavy-duty remote control? Atrepparttar 131414 end ofrepparttar 131415 day you're exhausted. Action fuels thought. You can sit on a couch all day withrepparttar 131416 self-help book, but how will you completerepparttar 131417 exercises? The world looks different as you sit in your living room. When you get offrepparttar 131418 couch and facerepparttar 131419 outside world, your answers will change. Action is a test of your readiness to change. Are you thinking of hiring a coach or counselor? Before you pick uprepparttar 131420 phone, take some small action on your own. Get a list of articles fromrepparttar 131421 library or web. Make some phone calls. Are you moving? That's a good sign. Want to change? Do something different. In a tape version of her recent book, Thunder and Lightning, Natalie Goldberg advises writers to overcome blocks by changing small elements of their lives. Take a different route when you walk home, she suggests; if you normally drive with your left hand onrepparttar 131422 steering wheel, tryrepparttar 131423 right. Some ideas: Do something alone that you normally do with others: shopping, traveling, eating in a restaurant. Do something with others that you normally do alone. If you have a routine for evenings or weekends, find new activities.

"Three Best Things"

Written by Gary Lockwood

Here is a brief synopsis ofrepparttar following article (726 words): "Three Best Things" by Gary Lockwood When my sons were very young, I taught them a game. In turn, that game taught me a valuable lesson that still works for me today.

Playrepparttar 131411 game and you will restore your confidence and your sense of well-being. Start today and gain a new perspective, a higher energy level and increased creativity.

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SUCCESS to You... Gary Lockwood

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"Three Best Things"

My two sons, Dan and Doug, were five and six years old.

On their fist day of school, we started a new game. At dinner that evening, I asked, "Boys, what wasrepparttar 131413 fun-est thing you did today"?

Watching their response, I could tell what they were thinking. "Oh-Oh; Daddy's on a new kick again". Regardless, Doug and Dan each told of something fun and interesting they did that day. I contributed by relating to them something weird and funny that had happened at my office that day (something weird was happening at my office almost every day, it seems).

We laughed at each other's stories and went on to enjoy a delightful dinner together.

The next evening, I again asked them, "Boys, what wasrepparttar 131414 fun-est thing you did today"? This time, they each had one ready to tell. And I once again told them about something weird and funny that had happened at my office that day. Asrepparttar 131415 first evening, we laughed and had a good time with this.

Each evening at dinner, I askedrepparttar 131416 same question. Byrepparttar 131417 end ofrepparttar 131418 first week,repparttar 131419 boys could see that this was going to be a regular thing. They came torepparttar 131420 dinner table already knowing what their evening's story would be.

Inrepparttar 131421 weeks to follow, Doug and Dan each had at least one fun thing to tell and sometimes two or three. They even competed to see who hadrepparttar 131422 fun-est story. Dan would say, "I want to go first. My story is better than Doug's".

After a while, it almost seemed that these boys were making fun things happen duringrepparttar 131423 day, just so they could tell about it at dinner. We laughed a lot and enjoyed each story.

Where was their focus? That's right; onrepparttar 131424 positive things that were going on with them. During this time of their lives, do you suppose that Dan and Doug had any unpleasant things happening to them or around them? Of course they did! We all have negative events and negative people in our lives.

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