For a Business That Licks the Competition, Become a Pet-Sitter!

Written by Ian White

As you know, millions of American families go on vacation every year. It'srepparttar great American Summer tradition. And now, with travel prices going down, many more families are expected to travel this year.

This is why now isrepparttar 136396 perfect time to start a pet-sitting, dog walking, or doggie day care business. With families onrepparttar 136397 move, demand is going nowhere but up.

More and more families are opting to hire pet sitters instead of getting family or friends to care for animals while they're gone. People are finding that pet sitting is easier and more affordable than they thought, and pet sitting businesses are reapingrepparttar 136398 benefits.

Advertising this kind of business is also easy. These kinds of local businesses can benefit from small ads inrepparttar 136399 paper, posters

How To Profit Using Public Domain Works

Written by Mike Hill

The public domain is full of books, journals, literary works, videos, audio, music sheets, software and government works that you can use any way you choose and create unlimited wealth with a little creativity.

Several ways you can profit using public domain works are:

1. Creating articles to increase website traffic.

Search for public domain works that are related to your business and dissect these works into informative little articles you can post to article based websites others can freely use as content in their ezines.

Atrepparttar bottom of each article include your signature file which briefly explains more about your business including your contact information.

The length of each article is up to you but it should offer useful information related to your business.

2. Republish public domain information

Find a book inrepparttar 136377 public domain and create a course around it. You could offer an email course, audio course, teleseminar, or a CD-ROM of music, sounds and even clipart or photo collections.

One man sells US Military vehicle pictures on eBay and offersrepparttar 136378 collection on CD-ROM. He generates a few hundred dollars a week from just this one collection.

Imagine how many other collections you could easily put together in a weekend and sell them on eBay.

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