For Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Small Publications Can Have Great Publicity Impact

Written by Ned Steele

Just because a publication is small doesn't mean that getting your name in it won't have great impact.

Trade onrepparttar reputation ofrepparttar 145531 trades

Some ofrepparttar 145532 trade publications have very loyal audiences who are much more likely to trust someone they see there than someone onrepparttar 145533 local news or in The Wall Street Journal. Now I'm not talking aboutrepparttar 145534 trade publication for your profession –repparttar 145535 only people you’ll reach are your competitors. Get yourself inrepparttar 145536 publications your prospects and clients read!

Don’t forgetrepparttar 145537 Sewer Cleaner Association’s newsletter

It's a great to get yourself inrepparttar 145538 newsletters ofrepparttar 145539 associations your prospects in that niche belong to. Whatever your market is, you can bet it has a professional or trade association. Sure, their newsletters are “smaller.” But there’s nothing better or more tightly focused on reaching your targets – and no one else!

Financial Planners Get Free Publicity With Email

Written by Ned Steele

In previous articles for marketing-minded financial planners, I've discussed what to say to a reporter overrepparttar telephone.

However, if you are phone-shy or time-challenged, it's better to send an email than to do nothing.

Many reporters favor e-mail anyway, so use it. Callrepparttar 145530 media outlet or check its staff listing to getrepparttar 145531 reporter’s email address. Sometimes reporters email addresses are atrepparttar 145532 bottom of their article inrepparttar 145533 newspaper—or linked to inrepparttar 145534 online version ofrepparttar 145535 outlet. It’s rarely a secret.

Again, offer practical story ideas – one or two max per e-mail. Summarize your best story idea inrepparttar 145536 ‘subject’ line ofrepparttar 145537 email.

Be specific. In fact, spend as much time composing that subject line as you dorepparttar 145538 entire body of your message. It's that important.

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