Football Betting

Written by Daniel B. King

From about August onwards Football Betting (NFL) becomes big business forrepparttar sportsbooks. There are plenty of winners and losers overrepparttar 149358 course of any given season - pros and recreational bettors join inrepparttar 149359 action for what has becomerepparttar 149360 biggest sport inrepparttar 149361 US in terms of betting.

So how can you improve your football betting this season...

Point or Unit betting: You've may have seenrepparttar 149362 touts advertise NFL Sides or Totals picks acrossrepparttar 149363 internet -"grab our 5 star blow out game tonight.." or "get our 100 star double header.." The advantage of one team over another inrepparttar 149364 sides and totals (over/under) market is small - cetainly not enough to justify betting 100%, 50% or even 20% more stake money on one team in a match up as against another team in a match up. Try to keep stakesrepparttar 149365 same.

Whenrepparttar 149366 odds are longer say in futures betting - you can increase or decrease stakes to a degree. You would not necessarily want to betrepparttar 149367 same on a 250/1 outsider as you would a 5/1 favourite.

2. Standard Deviation: This has proven to berepparttar 149368 ruin of many a good sports bettor. The problem is that he did not yet know he was a good bettor - he gave up before he found out... Basically it takes a lot of bet samples, especially inrepparttar 149369 sides and totals market whererepparttar 149370 odds are short, to know if you are a profitable bettor or not. Quite often a bettor can have a bad losing streak to start off with. You may go 4-9, then 5-8, then 2-12 - but this might not necessarily mean that you are a poor gambler. It is just standard deviation at work - fundamentally you are hitting a bad streak, yet well withinrepparttar 149371 laws of probability.

Golfers – Here’s a Short Drive That Will Not Disappoint

Written by Evans Putman

Are you planning a golf vacation to Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head or Kiawah Island inrepparttar near future? We know you will spendrepparttar 149357 majority of your time teeing it up on allrepparttar 149358 beautiful golf courses. We would, however, like to suggest a day-trip to see a new engineering marvel and North American record holder.

Charleston is well known for its rich historical landmarks. Nowrepparttar 149359 city is providing a look intorepparttar 149360 future. On July 16, 2005repparttar 149361 longest cable-stay bridge in North America opens in Charleston, SC. Believe me, this is one short drive that won’t disappoint you.

The new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge replaces two bridges that have graced Charleston’s skyline for decades. This record-setting bridge features two diamond-shaped towers more than 570 feet tall, eight traffic lanes and a pedestrian lane. The towers are so tall that you might even spot them while onrepparttar 149362 golf course at Kiawah Island.

Here are a few facts aboutrepparttar 149363 new Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge.

Overall length: 3.5 miles

Tower height: 573.5 feet (Largest Concrete structures in South Carolina)

Roadway section betweenrepparttar 149364 two towers: 1,546 feet

Main span deck: 186 feet aboverepparttar 149365 Cooper River

Concrete: 320,000 cubic yards

Construction time: 4 years and 1 month

If you are still thinking to yourself, “why should I give up a day of golf to see a bridge?” I don’t blame you. Actually, you don’t have to give up golf at all.

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