Foods and Diets Litigations

Written by Laura Ciocan

Why is that food processing and commerce are not strictly regulated by law so as to prevent health problems generated by an inadequate diet? Unhealthy products encourage an unhealthy diet, appealingrepparttar consumer by their availability within reach andrepparttar 119244 invading advertising. Ifrepparttar 119245 food producers are controlled by health officials, then it must be thatrepparttar 119246 regulations are too lax in as far as marketed foods are concerned.

Everyone knows that, for instance, hydrogenated oils and partially hydrogenated oils are highly unhealthy. Tons of studies and informative material have been published, yet there is a population segment that still falls into traps saying that margarine is a "healthier alternative for butter, full of vitamins", when in factrepparttar 119247 trans-fatty acids it contains surpassrepparttar 119248 "healthy benefits" it offers. For this particular case, all foods containing hydrogentated oils (ifrepparttar 119249 law allows their production, though it shouldn't) should have a health hazard warning (like those onrepparttar 119250 cigarette packs), saying something like "This product contains trans-fatty acids that increaserepparttar 119251 risk of heart disease". Thus, people would be constantly reminded ofrepparttar 119252 bad effects of such products on health.

Generally, when it comes to foods and dieting, people should be advised ofrepparttar 119253 potential inconvenience that might occur due to some ingredients orrepparttar 119254 wayrepparttar 119255 food is prepared.

Take for instancerepparttar 119256 case ofrepparttar 119257 release of so many diets that are not documented, not officially controlled and approved, promissing great things but not being explicit aboutrepparttar 119258 great problems they generate. Such asrepparttar 119259 very popular Atkins, for instance, which is a real danger to health.

I wondered why such anti-health practices are not forbidden? Oh, pardon me! Why should I wonder? It's obvious: in an ever growing pragmatic course of events,repparttar 119260 industrial interests have overpassedrepparttar 119261 interest forrepparttar 119262 health of people.

At this point,repparttar 119263 role ofrepparttar 119264 well-informed consumer is decisive for his own health. And if people are not fully convinced by so many scientific studies, informative articles and materials, then they surely become when finding out ofrepparttar 119265 multitude of lawsuits against food producers (such as Kraft Foods Inc,repparttar 119266 producers of Oreo cookies), fast food chains (McDonald's) or promoters of diets (such asrepparttar 119267 Atkins diet).

Lawsuit Funding

Written by Afra AmirSanjari

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