Following The Inspired Idiot's Path To Marketing Glory!

Written by Joe Bingham

I can't remember a day since I first logged on torepparttar Internet that I haven't been approached by someone claiming they can make all my dreams come true through Internet Marketing.

At first I said, yeah right, butrepparttar 117464 offers just kept coming and coming and coming until finally I said...

"Honey, could you passrepparttar 117465 milk?"

Well, I wasn't thinking out loud atrepparttar 117466 dinner table, I was keeping it to myself. What I was thinking, however, was this.

If all those idiots sending me offers are claiming they can make money onrepparttar 117467 Internet, then there has to be at least a few people that actually have made money inspiring them, right?

So I looked, and there was!

Yes, upon looking I did actually find proof of real, live, people making money selling products and information overrepparttar 117468 Internet.

Cool, I thought. If they can do it, then I can, too!

Upon realizing this, I then maderepparttar 117469 STUPID mistake of followingrepparttar 117470 direction ofrepparttar 117471 inspired idiots instead ofrepparttar 117472 real marketers that were actually making money.

Why, you say?


The inspired idiot's stuff was free andrepparttar 117473 real marketer's stuff cost money. (That right there ought to have taught me something!)

So, with zest, zip, vim, and vigor, off I went raving about like a true inspired idiot!

And guess what?! All ofrepparttar 117474 other inspired idiot's promises came true!

I made a six figure income! ($0000.00 has six figures, you know)

I fired my boss! (and my paycheck!)

I was working from home! (heck, I did everything from home. I couldn't afford to leaverepparttar 117475 house.)

I was my own boss! (my wife quit speaking to me)

I had a residual income! (what better word forrepparttar 117476 change scraped out ofrepparttar 117477 depths ofrepparttar 117478 furniture than 'residual')

I was an Internet Marketer onrepparttar 117479 inspired idiot's path to glory and nothing could stop my drive towards success! (untilrepparttar 117480 bank repossessed my pick-up that is)

Then, suddenly, with an even stronger thirst to succeed I said...

"Honey, could you passrepparttar 117481 milk...? Never mind, there isn't any. Honey? Honey? Darn, I could have sworn I was married."

But it mattered not because I had work to do! I had to spend countless hours reading other inspired idiot's email. I had to send my own email back for other inspired idiot's to read. Plus, I had to blast ads torepparttar 117482 free classified and free for all sites that no one, not even me, ever visited.

Is it possible to be successful in online business?

Written by Arina Nikitina

I guess everyone who tried to run their own online business many times have asked themselves questions: ?Jeez! What am I doing??? Is it really worth my time and my money? Are all these promises a truth? Do ?Mary and John, who earned 3 750$ in their first month? exist??

When I started my first online business I?ve spent about 100$ in first 3 months and earned just 5$ (It was my only sale duringrepparttar period of 3 months!). And I really wasn?t lazy! I worked about 25 hours per week placing ads, participating in discussions, submitting to search engines and directories, studying various promotion tutorials and so on. Now I?m in online business for 2 years. I?ve tried a huge amount of different programs, and now my income varies from 2 000$ to 5 000$ depending on how many hours I work. In this article I?m going to give you some advise how to start your online business and don?t fail because of common mistakes.

First of all let?s figure out what online business really is. It?s selling. It doesn?t matter what to sell: some service, some product or an opportunity to earn money. Mostly what you need to do is to find customers. And it?s not so easy as it seems. Here I?ve got some tips how to be successful in finding potential customers:

1. BE ORGANIZED Operating a business requires a certain amount of discipline. You may not want to hear that!! It's true though and we all need to accept it. Discipline means building your business schedule intorepparttar 117463 schedule of your life. Most common tools that you have to have in your arsenal are To Do Lists andrepparttar 117464 Next Day Plan. Everyone knows what a To Do List is all about but how many plan forrepparttar 117465 next day atrepparttar 117466 end ofrepparttar 117467 current day. 2. FIND OUT WHO IS YOUR CUSTOMER Why it is so important to know who are your customers? Because then you can predict where to find them! Close your eyes and try to imagine who might be interested in your product. Is it a man or a woman? How old are they? Where are they working? What arerepparttar 117468 things that they ate interested in? Write downrepparttar 117469 portrait of your customer and try to conclude what web sites they might be visiting, what newsgroups are they participating in, what ezines are they reading. So you?ll know where to place your ad in order to get as many responses as possible.

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