Follow up Increases Sales 80% with Only 20% Effort

Written by Judy Cullins

Did you know that 80% of all sales are made afterrepparttar 5th contact?

Instead of chasing new business allrepparttar 127265 time, rememberrepparttar 127266 faithful--your product buyers, your clients, your teleclass attendees, your ezine subscribers.

Your best customers arerepparttar 127267 ones you have already sold to. When you spend only a little time with "thank you's" and offers, you'll reaprepparttar 127268 80% results.That translates to increased sales, more clients and more subscribers.

How do you do this?

1. Keep a separate list of all of your different groups in your address book. To each one, send a targeted offer just for them.

Recently, I sent to my customers a "thank you" message. My freebie offered them a chance to ask me any question about book or Web writing, publishing and promotion.

Every month or so, I send a special report or other freebie torepparttar 127269 teleclass groups,repparttar 127270 ezine subscribers,repparttar 127271 potential clients, and to clients. Each group receives a targeted how-to free report or other offer.

2. Atrepparttar 127272 end ofrepparttar 127273 freebie, I added a list of 3-5 ways my customers could continue receiving my help, including a free subscription to my monthly ezine, a low-cost teleclass like "Book Coaching" or "Speakers Marathon," plus a product called "Create your Web Pages with Marketing Pizzazz Kit"of 9 eBooks.

Thank you's and free gifts keep your name in front of your buyers. Your added message reminds them of a new service or product that may benefit them.

3. Send a follow-up message every few months, if not more often. Busy people may not want to order multiple things until you have proven yourself. They are just too focused on another project atrepparttar 127274 time.

When those people who have already experienced and approved of you don't hear from you, they will forget you fast. They will move on to somebody who cared enough to sendrepparttar 127275 very best follow up email.

It's so rewarding when you get a message back saying, "Thanks forrepparttar 127276 reminder. Here's what I want now." Remember, people appreciate your news. You are not bothering them!

4. Think ofrepparttar 127277 numbers! Sending a follow-up offer to my ezine subscribers of over 2300 brought 23 responses. People appreciaterepparttar 127278 free articles or tips you give. Here's a chance to highlight one or so in each follow up.

5. Make your free offer enticing. Displayrepparttar 127279 benefit prominently in your email subject line. To clients or teleclass participants, you could offer a free eReport or two. To a list of people interested in expanding their Online marketing, I sent a free report on "Promote your Business with Free Articles."

Multiplying Sales As A Writer

Written by L. C. Peterson

Often, time is an enemy of writers. Sales seem slow and checks too small. How does one makerepparttar most of their effort? Here are some tips that will multiply your sales.

1. Companies accepting manuscripts from freelancers offer copies of their writing guidelines and sample copies. Assume there's a reason for them. Study them. Study their web sites as well. What do they tell you aboutrepparttar 127264 publication's readers? The Internet will save you much postage and time from when I started.

2. Think ahead. Lead times for publication are rarely short. Writers' guidelines often teach Christmas is in July. Lead times can be shorter forrepparttar 127265 Internet. Learn what they are. Submit accordingly.

3. Take advantage of your research. Write more than one manuscript forrepparttar 127266 same effort. This adds to your productivity. Interviewing a camp director? Write a feature article on how to select a camp for more than one market. Write a filler article. Write an article on finding work at a camp.

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