Follow Up Letter for Past Customers - Why and How to Write It

Written by Ladan Lashkari

Following up with your past customers is a proven way to make a lot of extra sales. You can simply write a promotional offer about one of your other products inrepparttar form of a follow up letter, and then send it to your customers email list.

Since your customers have already done business with you and like and trust you, they are more likely to buy something from you again. That's why selling to your previous customers is much easier and more cost effective than gaining new customers.

Email marketing isrepparttar 143108 easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to follow up with your customers. The cost of sending email letters is zero. You can also automate 95% of your email marketing campaign and follow up system to save a lot of time.

Avoid Costly Advertising – Learn How to Write a Press Release to Promote Your - Self/Business.

Written by Michael Harrison

Learn how to write a press release and avoid expensive advertising as you grow your business.

A full page ad in an industry journal can cost almost $6,000. But there is a way to userepparttar same publications to promote your business free of charge.

Journalists want and need one key thing. NEWS! They’ll gladly write about you or your business provided you know what to feed them and do it inrepparttar 142976 right way.

This is a great way to promote your business FREE.

How can you makerepparttar 142977 most ofrepparttar 142978 media?

Learn how to write a press release and submit it correctly torepparttar 142979 journalists so that it gets read and published.

Remember journalists have an in-satiable appetite for news. So give them news.

News is central to journalism.

What makes news.  Significance – anything which will affect reader’s lives.  Drama – accidents, disease outbreaks, armed actions.  Pop – sex, scandal.  Surprise – anything that surprises.  Proximity – anything dramatic which relates to a person or place.  Scale – job boost, 6,000 new jobs.  Money – lottery winner nets $30million  Elite issues – President, Royalty, Film Stars.  Vogue issues – fashionable persons.  Big guys v Little guys – pensioner defeats government.  Death and destruction – tsunami/earthquake.  Negative – as above.  New – if it’s new it’s news.

How to write news.

 What happened.  How it happened.  Amplify  Tie up loose ends.

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