Follow The Leader

Written by The Indy Voice

To lead people, walk beside them ... As forrepparttar best leaders,repparttar 125908 people do not notice their existence. The next best,repparttar 125909 people honor and praise. The next,repparttar 125910 people fear; andrepparttar 125911 next,repparttar 125912 people hate ... Whenrepparttar 125913 best leader's work is donerepparttar 125914 people say, "We did it ourselves!" - Lao-Tzu


I’ve just about had it with allrepparttar 125915 talk surrounding this past election. Look, I’m sorry that people were disenfranchised in Ohio but concentrating on and putting so many resources intorepparttar 125916 problems there is likerepparttar 125917 Republican perpetuated myth of people cheatingrepparttar 125918 welfare system. Do people steal fromrepparttar 125919 welfare system? You bet they do, but directors of corporations have stolen a hell of lot of money from people and no one is calling forrepparttar 125920 dissolution ofrepparttar 125921 corporation. The welfare system effects you financially less than 1 flush of your toilet bowl per year and that’s aboutrepparttar 125922 same effect thatrepparttar 125923 “irregularities” in Ohio have had onrepparttar 125924 overall election.

The election is over. The person you voted for lost. Republicans did cheat, that’s what they do and they do it well. They arerepparttar 125925 party ofrepparttar 125926 belief thatrepparttar 125927 means justifyrepparttar 125928 ends. That’s just another fact of life that your gonna have to get over. Suit up and get back on your pony because now we’re going to battle and it’s not just in Ohio. You can either mount up and move on or become whatrepparttar 125929 conservatives have been calling you: “vacillating” or inrepparttar 125930 language ofrepparttar 125931 common man “pussies”.

The first step inrepparttar 125932 process of “mounting up” for battle is too be honest with yourself. Look inside, findrepparttar 125933 shortcomings and work towards remediating them. I have and what I’ve found I don’t like. Honestly, John Kerry was not my first choice for a Presidential candidate. For me, he was a compromise that I’m never going to make again. I don’t doubt for one second that John Kerry is a good man but he received my vote because I thought him to berepparttar 125934 most elect-able alternative to Bush. That will not happen again.

Forget all that you think you know about this past election. It’s all B.S.. Come on, do you really think that morals aren’t a factor in elections? Who says to them self “you know this candidate of ours is just so morally deficient but I don’t care, I’m going to vote for him anyway because he’s going to getrepparttar 125935 much needed tax code reform passed”? Morals are always a factor in elections and yes they are tied in most people’s minds to their religious beliefs. Big surprise there, huh? People don’t vote for leaders strictly for their moral positions or their ideas, they vote forrepparttar 125936 person. Do you want to know what George W. Bush offers people that John Kerry doesn’t? CERTAINTY. Yes, you heard right.

For most of you reading this you are going to have a hard time believing what follows. George W. Bush has vision, he has morals, he’s decisive and strong and while you may not agree with everything he has to say, you should know that when he’s faced with a problem and because he embodies these characteristics, he won’t back down and he’s going to dorepparttar 125937 right thing. No, The Indy Voice has not lost all his marbles. This is what people believe. These characteristics arerepparttar 125938 reason why George W. Bush wonrepparttar 125939 election and they are shared by all leaders.

Is it Possible to Appease Evil?

Written by Terry Dashner

Terry Dashner

“Is it possible to Appease evil?”

Neville Chamberlain in 1938 tried to appease Hitler, but Hitler would not be appeased. You see, 1938 was a terrible time for Europe. Hitler’s Nazis were running through sovereign nations like a hot knife through butter. England and its European allies were deeply alarmed to sayrepparttar least, and they hoped to negotiate peace with Hitler without having to go to war against him. Chamberlain, Prime Minister of England, flew to Munich to meet with Hitler.

From this meeting comesrepparttar 125907 Munich Agreement which effectively allows Adolf Hitler to annex Czechoslovakia (I guessrepparttar 125908 Czechs were suppose to likerepparttar 125909 agreement or lump it). Chamberlain’s belief that satisfying each of Hitler’s escalating demands for control of more and more territory was naïve. Nevertheless,repparttar 125910 Prime Minister flies home and meetsrepparttar 125911 British press on his arrival. Holding up a piece of paper for all to see, Chamberlain cries out, “We’ve achieved peace in our times.” One year later, Hitler invades Poland andrepparttar 125912 Munich Agreement is now worth no more thanrepparttar 125913 paper it’s written on. England is forced to declare war on Hitler, and Chamberlain falls to Winston Churchill. Hitler could not be appeased.

Someone real smart once said that those who fail to learnrepparttar 125914 hard lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. I’ll give you a modern day example. Obviously modern Europe has not learnedrepparttar 125915 lessons of Chamberlain’s appeasement policies because they are turning a deaf ear to Iran’s nuclear weapons capabilities and saber rattling against Israel andrepparttar 125916 West in general. Iran is boasting of her ability to strike Israel with nuclear weapons and no one is denouncing them butrepparttar 125917 United States. I guessrepparttar 125918 Europeans think to do so would be promoting a policy of “preemption” and that is evil. (One ofrepparttar 125919 major problems with America’s war in Iraq—according to many Europeans—is America’s preemptive policies toward terrorists.) I believe that very soon—withinrepparttar 125920 next couple of years—Iran and Israel will be at war. I also believe that Iran will use nuclear weapons against Israel. Will this berepparttar 125921 beginning ofrepparttar 125922 end?

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