Focused Content Still "King" Online

Written by Jim Edwards

Ever notice how some websites grab your attention and hold if for hours, even torepparttar point where you must consciously drag yourself away fromrepparttar 138790 monitor?

In an age when websites truly rate a "dime a dozen," discovering a really great website feels more like finding a $10 bill onrepparttar 138791 sidewalk than merely surfingrepparttar 138792 Internet.

Whether their creators did it on purpose or not, virtually all successful websites sharerepparttar 138793 following characteristics:

First, every good website focuses on a specific, narrow, "niche" audience.

Imaginerepparttar 138794 difference between a light bulb and a laser beam.

Both provide light, butrepparttar 138795 laser focuses its light with pinpoint precision, whilerepparttar 138796 light bulb diffuses its light in every direction.

In other words, successful websites don't try to sell cooking supplies to people interested inrepparttar 138797 latest fishing or hunting equipment.

They specifically provide content on exact topics of interest to their target audience, instead of trying to offer all things to all people.

Second, withrepparttar 138798 exception of personal, family, or hobby websites, every website operates withrepparttar 138799 ultimate purpose of turning a profit.

Unfortunately many websites make this their only purpose and, thus, fail miserably in their attempts to succeed online.

We saw how blatantly greedy, self-centered websites failed inrepparttar 138800 "dot-bomb" era... and it got ugly.

Onrepparttar 138801 other hand, successful websites make money as a result of providing products, services, and information of obvious value for their targeted visitors.

They win by puttingrepparttar 138802 needs and desires ofrepparttar 138803 visitors first and get rewarded inrepparttar 138804 process.

Next, virtually every good website shares something in common with successful newspapers and magazines: great headlines!

How To Increase Your Traffic Using Reciprocal Links

Written by Jason Tarasi

Could you use an extra 500,000 visitors to your site each year?

What if I told you there was a way to do this for free, usingrepparttar time it takes you to watch your favorite TV show each week, would you be interested?

I'm sure you would tell me to stop hittingrepparttar 138605 bottle so hard, it isn't possible.

Well you would be wrong on both counts. For starters, I don't drink. Secondly, it is possible to rake in huge amounts of traffic for free.

How do I know this? Simply put, I am living proof it works.

I don't pay a single dime in advertising costs, and it only takes a few hours a month to produce this traffic.

So what is my secret? Reciprocal links!

Reciprocal linking is one ofrepparttar 138606 most powerful and effective advertising concepts onrepparttar 138607 Web. Yet it is vastly underutilized by most Webmasters.

I have thousands of links pointing to my site:

These links are responsible for 75% of my traffic.

I almost feel guilty that I am able to generate this traffic so easily.

Here isrepparttar 138608 secret to my success: Everything is automated!

I simply don't have time to manually add my partners new links by hand. Therefore, I have a site engine that allows my partners to enter their site information, then tells them how to add my link to their Website.

It is so simple, that I'm astounded more Webmasters don't utilize these techniques.

Here is a quick start guide to automating your linking strategies:

1.) Chooserepparttar 138609 right software

You must have a way for link partners to add their Website information automatically. There are dozens of software programs onrepparttar 138610 Web that will accomplish this.

I personally use Reciprocal Manager:

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