Focus Your Web Site... Or Get Out Of Business

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

Last November, I was jumping up and down absolutely excited about my new idea. I was going to create a web site filled with articles, links and resources on just about any topic you could imagine. This way no matter who finds my site and for whatever reason they click on it, I will always make money, right?

So, I spent time collecting and writing articles on health, beauty, business, finance, insurance, parenting, and computers, joined a gazillion of affiliate programs for each topic and finally launched my

Three months later I made exactly zero income! I wrote to several e-zine publishers asking for advice. They told me my web site has too much to offer - visitors just don't know where to start, and what direction to go.

"Yeah, right", I thought. "What do they know? After all, with so many articles and resources my visitors will surely find something to do!"

I was terribly wrong, and I am glad I realized it before wasting more of my time. I had to do something to make this site profitable. But what?

I re-designed my completely. But first I asked myself what I want my visitors to do: order my products? sign-up for my newsletter? read articles? visit my web forum?

You see, when you know exactly what you want your visitors to accomplish on their first visit, you are more likely to come up with a good design.

Since I already had two other web sites devoted to direct selling, I decided to use this one entirely for opt-in mailing list by capturing my visitors' e-mails.

Designing A Successful Web Site

Written by Myron Curry

Before diving intorepparttar basics of good web site design, we should make sure we're all clear on one point. When we talk about web site design at Pacific Business Marketing, we're referring to structure, content and navigation, NOT "awesome" graphics or "cool" new programming languages

Design goals

Design considerations should take into accountrepparttar 134728 basic goals of any "for profit" web site, including:repparttar 134729 immediate impact a site makes on a paying customer -can a visitor immediately say "this site has what I'm looking for"repparttar 134730 speed with whichrepparttar 134731 customer can get torepparttar 134732 information they need onrepparttar 134733 products and services they are prepared to buy is navigation clear and simplerepparttar 134734 ease with which a customer can make a purchase and/or contactrepparttar 134735 web site owner to makerepparttar 134736 purchase - is information structured logically and canrepparttar 134737 visitor "click here" to buyrepparttar 134738 willingness ofrepparttar 134739 visitor to leave an e-mail address and request additional information, future contact or otherwise wish to stay in touch withrepparttar 134740 web site owner

At a minimum, ensure your new or existing web site accomplishesrepparttar 134741 following:

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