Flying kites in Beijing

Written by Jacklyn Chen

The sky in spring is kites' paradise. Whenrepparttar brilliant multi- colored kites embellish inrepparttar 147048 deep blue sky, you can immerse inrepparttar 147049 contented mood, enjoyrepparttar 147050 rare leisure and carefree, perhaps this isrepparttar 147051 most romantic thing inrepparttar 147052 spring. Kite, not only is it a kind of toy or a traditional continuing, it is more a cultural accumulating. Inrepparttar 147053 "Three Stone Rooms",repparttar 147054 capital's youngest kite master Liu Bin fromrepparttar 147055 kite aristocratic family, said that kite containes too many different cultures, flying a kite also must emitrepparttar 147056 affective tone.

There are three kinds of kites that are unique in their own ways. Inrepparttar 147057 "Three Stone Rooms" at Dianmen,repparttar 147058 rooms are full of all kinds of kites making human feeling dazzled, nonprofessionals really don't know where to start. Actually, most popular kites are categorized into three kinds: hard wing, soft wing and dragon. Liu Bin said thatrepparttar 147059 hard wing is like a man, mature and strong;repparttar 147060 soft wing is like a woman, slender and elegant; whilerepparttar 147061 dragon kite flies a breadth of spirit and power.

Hard wing kites like "Shayan", "Triangle", use bamboo strips all around to outlinerepparttar 147062 shape,repparttar 147063 strips are glued together with paper inrepparttar 147064 center, butrepparttar 147065 designs on paper can be created at your own will. Soft wing kites are made especially attractive - dragonfly, butterfly, goldfish...,repparttar 147066 list goes on and on. The bamboo strips are only put on top half of a kite,repparttar 147067 bottom half that dances inrepparttar 147068 breeze of wind is in fact made with colored silk or nylon silk. Dragon really should be called "string" because it is actually a long kite that is formed by many small kites, for instance,repparttar 147069 Gigantic Dragon,repparttar 147070 Centipede,repparttar 147071 Shoulder Pole kite.

Amongrepparttar 147072 kites,repparttar 147073 modern one is also a spotlight. Three-dimensional kite is just like a hot-air balloon, turtles, crabs each crawl happily and freely inrepparttar 147074 sky; "Plate Hawk" (Pan Ying) isrepparttar 147075 most difficult to fly,repparttar 147076 'hawk' spreadsrepparttar 147077 wings and spirals in airborne circle recklessly with tremendous momentum; motion kite is simply like an aviation performance, it uses chute cloth and two operating ordinates, actions like turnover, gliding, diving, and other high level difficult movements can all be performed.

Travelling Overseas Staying Healthy

Written by Felicity Walker

Every year, millions of people visit developing countries. Of these, many are business people looking for new opportunities.

With a myriad of development potential available inrepparttar Asian region, business people are flocking overseas in order to get in atrepparttar 147012 ground floor. Many travel to these regions on a regular basis, exposing themselves to diseases ranging from differing strains of hepatitis to typhoid and polio.

Unfortunately, many of these diseases are not discriminating - they can be caught even when staying in 5-star accommodation. Also, some of them require long convalescent periods. For example, hepatitis A can mean an absence from work of up to 8 weeks, depending onrepparttar 147013 severity ofrepparttar 147014 attack.

The problem facing business people and travellers is that often they have not been exposed to a wide range of infections. This means they have little or no natural immunity to diseases common in other parts ofrepparttar 147015 world.

For example, even when staying at resort-standard hotels in areas such as Taiwan,repparttar 147016 traveller still has a 1 in 300 chance of developing hepatitis A. Budget travellers increase their risk by as many as six times.

The sensible solution is to make sure you receiverepparttar 147017 recommended vaccinations for any overseas country you visit. It is important, however, to realize that for many vaccines to be totally effective, a series of doses over an extended period of time are required. For example, hepatitis B vaccines usually require a couple of months before they reach their full effectiveness.

Vaccination is notrepparttar 147018 only precaution that should be taken when travelling in a developed country. Many diseases are transmitted through food which has been handled by a carrier ofrepparttar 147019 disease. This means that uncooked vegetables, salads, raw meat, shellfish, and drinks made with water or ice are all potential health hazards, and should be approached with caution.

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