Flowers Say "I Love You"

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

Some people dismiss flowers as old-fashioned, butrepparttar truth is that, in general, women adore them, and men are secretly pleased and flattered when someone presents them with a stylish arrangement or a flower gift basket. If you see yourself as a romantic person, find excuses to give flowers as often as possible.

Flowers are such a vibrant expression of Nature's beauty that it's rare to find a single human being who doesn't respond to them. Not only do they come in every color ofrepparttar 113387 rainbow, fromrepparttar 113388 most vibrant purples torepparttar 113389 subtlest of pastels, but their shapes vary dramatically, fromrepparttar 113390 sculptured beauty of a rose torepparttar 113391 cartoon-like forms ofrepparttar 113392 bird of paradise andrepparttar 113393 sunflower. And as well as stimulating our visual senses, their scents arerepparttar 113394 source of every perfume in existence.

You can give flowers for any occasion. A dozen long-stemmed red roses will always say 'I love you' no matter how much we might consider them a cliché. Daisies and gerberas, especially those in electric colors, will brighten anyone's day. And a single boxed rose can be as welcome a gift as a large or expensive flower gift basket.

How to Lose Weight While Gardening

Written by Candee Stark

Have you ever dreadedrepparttar idea of pulling weeds, planting a tree, or pushing a lawn mower aroundrepparttar 113386 yard?

Does just thinking about it make you sweat? I am surerepparttar 113387 majority of are nodding your heads in agreement. What I am about to suggest only takes a slight change in your thinking and a bit of planning and you can learn how to lose weight and get in better shape while gardening this year.

For those of you that are already gardeners, you know that gardening is one ofrepparttar 113388 best ways to get exercise because it involves all ofrepparttar 113389 muscle groups in your body.

Like I mentioned earlier, we only need to changerepparttar 113390 way you think about outside chores. See I am falling intorepparttar 113391 trap too, I just called them chores. Instead, you should think of them as outdoor exercises that are designed to enhancerepparttar 113392 condition of your body and help you lose weight.

As with any exercise program, check with your doctor before starting. Make sure you are dressed properly and that you stretch before beginning.

If you aren’t used to exercising inrepparttar 113393 garden or have been relatively inactive all winter, start slowly. Start with weeding, watering, and planting seeds.

As you feel yourself getting stronger you can increase your gardening repertoire to include: pruning, heavy digging, hoeing, pushing a loaded wheelbarrow, or mowingrepparttar 113394 lawn. I think you getrepparttar 113395 idea becauserepparttar 113396 list of outdoor gardening exercise ideas is endless!

Even carrying plants or a bag of potting soil torepparttar 113397 car fromrepparttar 113398 store and then out intorepparttar 113399 yard is exercise! You can potentially burn up to 300-600 calories per hour depending on your intensity and which gardening exercises you engage in.

You CAN lose weight by gardening ~ eat less and move more! The following list shows what a typical man weighing 180 pounds will burn in 30 minutes of activity. If you weigh more you can burn even more calories!

  • Watering lawn/garden~ 61
  • Raking~ 162
  • Bagging leaves~ 162
  • Planting seeds/seedlings~ 162
  • Planting trees~ 182
  • Weeding ~ 182
  • Clearing Land ~ 202
  • Digging, spading, tilling~ 202
  • Laying Sod~202
  • General gardening~ 202
  • Chopping wood~ 243
  • Gardening with heavy power tools~ 243
  • Mowingrepparttar 113400 lawn with a push mower~ 243
  • Shoveling snow~ 243
  • Shoveling heavy snow~ 364 cals

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