Florida Alligator Stalking Vacations

Written by Steve Gillman

Alligators wererepparttar furthest thing from our minds as my wife Ana and I traveled alongrepparttar 146868 coast of northern Florida. We had paid $23 to camp in our conversion van at a beautiful state park onrepparttar 146869 beachrepparttar 146870 night before. Inrepparttar 146871 morning we saw a dolphin swimming near shore.

Then we heard we could camp for free atrepparttar 146872 isolated campgrounds which dottedrepparttar 146873 Apalachicola National Forest. Our frugality sent us into alligator country.

We spent two nights inrepparttar 146874 dark woods next torepparttar 146875 dark waters of a slow river. Our only company was an old guy who seemed to be living there, and a nice couple with their two-year-old daughter. Lester was from England, Kari from Texas, and Indya was born in Guatamala. They met in India, of course.

Our little group circledrepparttar 146876 fire at night, trading stories, and occasionally sneaking down torepparttar 146877 water with flashlights to look forrepparttar 146878 eyes of alligators. We heard splashes inrepparttar 146879 night, but saw nothing.

Lake Talquin

Whenrepparttar 146880 old guy told us camping was free at Wiliams Landing, on Lake Talquin, we all moved up there for a week. The hot showers convinced us. We continued trading stories aroundrepparttar 146881 fire each night, but now we saw all kinds of wildlife. Armadillos walked through camp, giant grey herons fished just offshore fromrepparttar 146882 van, and there were racoons, owls, squirrels, ducks, and turtles. Then was alsorepparttar 146883 "monster."

The Trans Siberian Railway

Written by Marina Smiley

Sit back and relax as I take you on a wondrous journey that transcends Russia, one third ofrepparttar globe, from east to west.. Imagine sitting in a comfortable seat, looking out atrepparttar 146751 spectacular scenery and cities on your seven day journey.

I am talking about one of Russia’s most famous delights and adventures;repparttar 146752 one week excursion onrepparttar 146753 Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow inrepparttar 146754 west to Vladivostok, ofrepparttar 146755 Far East region of Russia. It isrepparttar 146756 longest continuous rail line on earth --almost ten thousand kilometers (about six thousand miles).

Traveling acrossrepparttar 146757 Russia onrepparttar 146758 Trans-Siberian train give yourepparttar 146759 opportunity to see with your own eyes everything that you might have heard about this mysterious land of expansive forests, beautiful cities andrepparttar 146760 wilds of nature.

Your journey will allow you to see beautifully designed architectures of hundreds of churches; amazing sun rises and even more spectacular sunsets. Your journey will allow you to view Russia in all her natural splendor as your adventure takes you through 7 time zones.

Your journey begins when you boardrepparttar 146761 train inrepparttar 146762 opulent and cavernous station of Moscow. During your adventure you will have many stopovers in almost 100 different cities both large and small. The Trans-Siberian train stops several times a day, from just a few minutes to more than a half an hour. You will getrepparttar 146763 pleasure of interacting with simple Russians duringrepparttar 146764 short stop-overs. These Russian stations are often mini markets and you can see there everything from wild berries, farm sausages, delicious smoked fish to different souvenirs and hats made fromrepparttar 146765 fur of red, black, and white foxes.

You will have an opportunity to observe different architectural styles ofrepparttar 146766 various towns and train stations. Most of them were build duringrepparttar 146767 middle ofrepparttar 146768 last century ofrepparttar 146769 Stalin era and atrepparttar 146770 end ofrepparttar 146771 19th century.

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