Float a Horse's Teeth -- What Does that Mean and Why is it Necessary?

Written by Randall Holman

So what does it mean to float a horse's teeth? I'm sure you've heard this a time or two (if you haven't, sooner or later you will from another horse owner or from your vet), and if you're like me, you imagined forrepparttar longest time what this could possibly mean and wondered what it involved.

To float a horse's teeth certainly sounds funny, too.

Floating means to smooth or contour your horse's teeth with a file (called a "float"). Unlike your own teeth, your horse's teeth keep growing. At times, your horse's teeth may develop sharp edges, making it difficult for her to chew food, hold a bit, or simply have pain and discomfort inside her mouth.

An adult horse may have between 36-44 permanent teeth. And just like humans, your horse gets two sets of teeth in her lifetime. Your horse starts out with temporary baby teeth and by age five, will most likely have her full set of permanent teeth.

The horse's front teeth cut hay and grass, whilerepparttar 136594 top and bottom cheek teeth grindrepparttar 136595 forage betweenrepparttar 136596 flat surfaces in a sideways motion. This grinding action breaks downrepparttar 136597 food into a pulp before swallowing which helps it to be digested better. If your horse is unable to grind down food allrepparttar 136598 way due to uneven teeth surfaces,repparttar 136599 unchewed food will not be digested as well.

Most often, points develop onrepparttar 136600 upper cheek teeth towardrepparttar 136601 outside ofrepparttar 136602 mouth next to your horse's cheek. And onrepparttar 136603 bottom cheek teeth towardrepparttar 136604 inside ofrepparttar 136605 mouth next to your horse's tongue. These points can then cut intorepparttar 136606 cheek and tongue making your horse uncomfortable.

Though it may seem tedious and like a burden, you know having routine dentist check-ups contribute torepparttar 136607 overall good health of your own teeth. Well, your horse is no different and deserves some ofrepparttar 136608 same attention to her teeth as you give to yours. Confined horses or those that do not haverepparttar 136609 ability to graze all day are more prone to teeth overgrowth, as they are not naturally grinding their teeth all day to keep them smooth. Also, just like you, your horse can have other dental problems. A horse can have excessively worn teeth, loose or broken teeth, or infected gums.

One sign that your horse's teeth may need to be floated is if she is consistently dropping food from her mouth and you start seeing signs of weight loss. Your horse may also exhibit behavior like head-tossing or opening her mouth frequently.

Possible horse dental problem indicators:

  • Drops food from her mouth
  • Exhibits difficulty in chewing
  • Excessive salivation
  • Loss of weight
  • Undigested food particles in manure
  • Head-tossing
  • Excessive bit chewing
  • Resisting havingrepparttar 136610 bridle put on
  • Difficult handling while riding
  • Mouth odor
  • Blood inrepparttar 136611 mouth
  • Face swelling
  • Nasal discharge

Why Adopt a Pet?

Written by A. Pratt

A cat was run over on my busy street this weekend. It wasn’t my pet but it hurt just as much as if it was. This animal came into our lives when we returned from walking inrepparttar park with our 3 yr. old son. A lady who lives acrossrepparttar 136523 street was trying to keep it from running out intorepparttar 136524 road so I took it upon myself to carry it back to our garage where we gave it food, water and friendship for a few days. This cat was female and looked to be only 6 months old; it was also very skinny and hungry. I believe it once had a home because it was not awkward and shy like a feral cat. It also liked to be petted and played with by my son inrepparttar 136525 backyard (they were best buddies for a short time). At night I would putrepparttar 136526 cat in my garage with food and water because we live on a main road which turns into a race track whenrepparttar 136527 sun goes down.

Anyhow, I was out in front of my house seeding my lawn a few hours after lettingrepparttar 136528 cat out forrepparttar 136529 day one morning when I glanced acrossrepparttar 136530 road. She lay on her side with blood streaming out of her mouth. She had never seen what hit her

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