Flexibility For Golf Will Not Be Lost With Weight Training

Written by Mike Pedersen

There is no doubt that body flexibility is extremely important for golf and to golfers. Little wonder that one ofrepparttar biggest fears amongst many golfers looking to improve their game is that of losing their flexibility as a result of weight training that builds muscles and stretching exercises.

This is one ofrepparttar 144588 reasons why many amateur golfers still avoid joining golf-specific exercise and conditioning programs. They mistakenly link every weight-training program with muscle building and bodybuilding.

Although it is true that muscle building and body building will tend to make somebody stiff,repparttar 144589 facts are that weight training can either be used for body-building and building of muscles, or it can be used to build strength. The golf specific weight training programs are aimed at building strength and endurance. Not muscles. A genuine golf exercise program will have nothing in itsí weight training routine to remotely relate it to muscle or bodybuilding.

Three Tips To Help You Benefit From Golf Video Instruction

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf video instruction can be a powerful tool in helping any golfer improve their handicap. Yet many golfers do not fully benefit from them. The reason is that their approach is wrong and they are therefore unable to benefit fromrepparttar practical advice and tips received through golf video instruction.

Here I carry three tips to help you benefit and reaprepparttar 144587 full rewards from golf video instruction tapes.

A) Watchrepparttar 144588 whole golf video instruction tape torepparttar 144589 end first and then slowly review it starting fromrepparttar 144590 beginning. Quite as you enjoy watchingrepparttar 144591 golf video forrepparttar 144592 very first time, most ofrepparttar 144593 instructions and tips will hardly be remembered. Exactlyrepparttar 144594 same thing happens when you read a book whose contents you want to retain. This is why it is very important to go throughrepparttar 144595 golf video a second time carefully taking note ofrepparttar 144596 allrepparttar 144597 instruction and tips. It is not a bade idea to record it all in a note book.

B) Apply only one golf video instruction tip at a time to your game.

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