Flea Control for Dogs

Written by Matthew Seigneur

There are many different methods of flea control.

If you have a dog, flea control is an important part of being a responsible owner. After all, no dog likes to have fleas, but often it happens anyway. For most dogs, an occasional flea dip, or a bath with flea-killing shampoo is enough to keeprepparttar problem under control. However, if that doesnít work for flea control, it might be necessary to try other things.

Usually,repparttar 125781 flea dip will be enough, however, if it isnít, you should try giving your dog regular baths with flea shampoo. You can find high quality flea shampoo at any of your local pet stores, and itís generally not too expensive. This is a great option for flea control if you have a dog who doesnít mind baths, or who isnít afraid ofrepparttar 125782 water.

If this doesnít work, you can also try getting a flea repellent collar. While itís always possible just to putrepparttar 125783 flea collar on, most people choose to put bothrepparttar 125784 flea collar andrepparttar 125785 dogís normal collar on Ė that way you get flea control andrepparttar 125786 dog is identifiable if it gets lost.

The History of Dogs

Written by Matthew Seigneur

The History of dogs

Dogs belong torepparttar Canid family (Canidae).

Dogs first appeared about 40 million years ago, before any other carnivore families like bears or cats.

Carnivores have a pair of teeth similar to blades that are called carnassials. These teeth are like scissors and can slice through skin and muscle.

Thirty five living species are included inrepparttar 125780 Canid family tree. There are three main groups.

1. South American foxes 2. Wolves, including jackals, wolves, coyotes, and dogs 3. Foxes includingrepparttar 125781 red fox and his relatives. The dog that we commonly know isrepparttar 125782 closest kin torepparttar 125783 gray wolf.

There is genetic evidence and fossils that confirm that all dogs arerepparttar 125784 direct descendants of wolves. Skeletons ofrepparttar 125785 earliest dogs and their wolf cousins are very hard to find differences.

There are around 400 domestic breeds of dogs and they all belong torepparttar 125786 same species, Canis familiaris.

A group that can successfully reproduce with one another is known as a species. A sub-group ofrepparttar 125787 species is a breed. This has been made by human interaction. All individuals in a breed can reproduce with each other, butrepparttar 125788 features ofrepparttar 125789 breed can be altered or lost when one breed is crossed with another.

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