Flash makes your site heavy - Why and Where to use it ?

Written by Yasir Ikram

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Some Web designers thinks flash should not be used in their websites. REASONS: * Page takes more time to load * Visitor need to wait, until its loaded * Not Search engine friendly * Require more space

but you cannot neglectrepparttar importance and its role in world wide web. when it comes to its beauty and eye catching animations[mostly website intros] you cannot think of going to another website until you view it all, am i right!

Some of Reasons why use Flash in your website

Photo-spangled designs

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Photos into design is like putting life into it. Without photos,repparttar design would appear bland and boring to those who are seeing them. People, having short attention span, gets bored easily. It is when they see something interesting that their attention first is caught. Curiosity will follow. Thenrepparttar 147993 need to satisfy them eventually followed suit. A successful design would mean givingrepparttar 147994 people what they needed and making them want to go back for more inrepparttar 147995 future.

What isrepparttar 147996 importance of photos in a design? The obvious reason is that it draws attention. These arerepparttar 147997 first things that people see whether they are looking intentionally or unintentionally. In photos,repparttar 147998 colored ones haverepparttar 147999 strongest pull overrepparttar 148000 black and white ones. Some ofrepparttar 148001 cases though can have this reversed, depending on ambiance thatrepparttar 148002 readers seerepparttar 148003 photos.

Photos give credibility. This fact is seen clearly inrepparttar 148004 advertisements of products. Portraying people enjoying one product or others choosing a certain brand over another can convince people. The readers seeing these photos would then imagine that maybe that isrepparttar 148005 result ofrepparttar 148006 product being endorsed. Notice that most advertisements feature photos focusing onrepparttar 148007 positive light. There are also some using photos that contradict what they are trying to say. This type can be appreciated by those readers who are more into ironies. Both ways,repparttar 148008 presentation tends to add credibility as compared to those that do not use photo.

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