Five easy ways to add punch to your words

Written by Angela Booth

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Summary: Writing is hard, even for writers. These five techniques will make your writing chores easier, and your writing livelier.

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Five easy ways to add punch to your words

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Writing is hard, even for writers. These five techniques will make your writing chores easier, and your writing livelier.

It's time to write something important, and your palms sweat. You force yourself to write, while gritting your teeth and hating every moment ofrepparttar 100940 process. Your palms sweat some more. And your head aches, because you realize that your words have allrepparttar 100941 life of roadkill. Why is it thatrepparttar 100942 more importantrepparttar 100943 writing task,repparttar 100944 more lifeless your words? Maybe it's performance anxiety. You tense up, instead of lettingrepparttar 100945 words flow.

Try these five easy ways to add punch to your words:

1. Get conversational, and write fast

When you're writing, imagine you're talking to someone. Just having a quiet chat. You want to tell them about whatever it is you're writing about.

To make this easier, write inrepparttar 100946 form of a letter: "Dear Joanne Let me tell you about..."

Write quickly, exactly as you'd speak. Don't worry about grammar, spelling and typos. Just blurt out whatever you have to say.

Force yourself to do this by setting a time limit. Set a timer for five minutes. Tap out (or write, if you're using pen and paper) any kind of gibberish at all for five minutes. Turning off your monitor helps, because it stops you seeingrepparttar 100947 words and going back to correct typos.

2. Get specific

Want to write waffle? Generalize. Like in this sentence from a real estate agent's ad for a house:

"You are certain to be impressed byrepparttar 100948 space in this three bedroom family home."

I looked atrepparttar 100949 photo ofrepparttar 100950 house, and wrote:

"Shaded by palms and eucalypts and surrounded by a well- maintained garden, this three bedroom, honey-gold brick mini- mansion offers your family space to play and grow. "

Not Shakespeare, butrepparttar 100951 words describe this house specifically.

3. Get sensuous

Be a reporter. Use your senses. What can you see, hear, smell, touch and taste?

When you report what's happening, your reader is right there with you.

3 Magic Words that Boost Ad Response

Written by Will Dylan

3 Words that Boost Ad Response

Key to success is avoiding hype

Forrepparttar small business owner, advertising is a critical expense that helps to drive customers throughrepparttar 100939 doors or to a website onrepparttar 100940 Internet inrepparttar 100941 hopes that they will spend their money. With tight ad budgets, small businesses need their advertising to payoff every time. Ads that result in no sales are simply wasted money.

There are countless online articles that tell you to userepparttar 100942 words “free”, “guaranteed”, and “limited time offer” in your advertising to boost sales. They work, howeverrepparttar 100943 ongoing overuse of these words has reduced their effectiveness somewhat. When you’re writing your next ad, keeprepparttar 100944 following advice in mind when if you plan to use these key advertising terms.

“Free” – Getting something for nothing has universal appeal and is a strong attention getter. Where most businesses fail is that they give away something that is essentially useless, leading customers to believe that your business falls intorepparttar 100945 same category (i.e. “useless”). For example, many websites give away free “e-books”, in order to entice potential customers to visit their site. The e-book itself is usually loaded with advertising and links torepparttar 100946 website, and contains very little real, valuable information.

If you’re going to advertise a free giveaway, make it a legitimate, valuable item. If it’s an e-book, try not to make it a shameless self promotion piece that doesn’t add any value to your customers. In fact dorepparttar 100947 opposite…make it somewhat valuable. Userepparttar 100948 quality and value found in your e-book to inspire your potential customer with confidence that you offer a quality product or service. A credible free giveaway of any kind that has value and contains no shameless self promotion will be a huge credibility boost for your business.

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