Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Internet Presence

Written by Scott Buresh

1. Track and analyze your web site traffic.

Most web hosts offer traffic analysis data to their clients, and it is arguablyrepparttar most important tool at your disposal in measuringrepparttar 131890 effectiveness of your website. By takingrepparttar 131891 time to understand this data, you can begin to understandrepparttar 131892 motivations and interests of your audience. Are many of them leaving on one particular page? Perhaps you should make some changes to keep their interest. Are most of them looking at one particular part of your site? Perhaps you should make it a more featured area. Since this data updates on a regular basis, you are also able to gaugerepparttar 131893 effectiveness of any changes that you make. These arerepparttar 131894 most basic examples, as there are many more useful bits of information available- what search terms your visitors are using to find you, what sites are bringing yourepparttar 131895 most traffic, how long your visitors are staying, etc. Maintaining a successful website is an ongoing process, and visitor data is crucial to getting optimum results.

2. Exchange links with non-competing, quality companies related to your industry.

This is a simple but effective way to get quality traffic while increasingrepparttar 131896 prestige of your business. Visitors that enter your site from a link that they find on another site are predisposed to believe that they will find something of value there (if not, why wouldrepparttar 131897 site takerepparttar 131898 time and effort to link to it?). By making sure thatrepparttar 131899 companies you exchange links with are not direct competitors, you are unlikely to lose business. The added benefit to this strategy is that it can give a tremendous boost to your link popularity, which is a major factor in determining how your site gets ranked in most search engines.

3. Write informative articles about your business or products and make them available to online publications and webmasters.

There are numerous sites that will allow you to offer original informational articles for others to publish. Such an exchange benefits you in several ways. First, all of these sites require anyone who is reprinting your article to provide a link back to your site, which can provide highly targeted visitors (visitors that most likely already have a good impression of you from your article). This is also another way to boost your link popularity, which is vitally important to your search engine rankings (as discussed above). Moreover, if you offer a service, a reputation is your most valuable asset. Widely distributed articles can help to establish you as an expert in your field and help you to gain credibility with your future clients.

Do You Really Need All Those Scripts?

Written by Bob McElwain

I often use Internet Explorer (Ver 6.0) on my main system, with Win XP. However, as a consultant I prefer using Netscape (Ver 4.78) to visit client or potential client sites. Since many no longer check to see how a page looks in Netscape, I can often point out some changes to help Netscape users better enjoyrepparttar site.

As an aside, it's true that earlier versions of Netscape Ver 6 would not run for many who tried them. Howeverrepparttar 131888 current version, 6.2, is working for most now. To write as if Netscape is a dead horse is a grand design error.

While not true even six months back, I am now routinely running into pages that simply will not load in Netscape. In those cases I have been able to check,repparttar 131889 culprit is a script of some kind that won't run with Netscape.

To include such a script on your site is pretty silly, to put it bluntly. It's easy enough to check to see what browser is in use. If you haven't testedrepparttar 131890 script on that version, don't run it. Or write your code in such a manner that a failure doesn't haltrepparttar 131891 download ofrepparttar 131892 page.

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