Five Ways To Super-Charge Your Ads

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

You have decided to try your hand at running a business inrepparttar Internet Marketing world. Lesson number one is Learn to Super-Charge your advertising.

You can haverepparttar 101092 greatest product inrepparttar 101093 world, but if you can't get anyone to your website, you're business will get quite lonely.

I am going to tell you five ways to get your advertising onrepparttar 101094 road to being Super-Charged.

1. Research

Research your product - What problem does your product or service address? Look for all ofrepparttar 101095 benefits that your product or service provides. Make a list of each benefit that you come up with.

Research your competitors - You need to know how your product or service stacks up againstrepparttar 101096 competition. Look at their prices,repparttar 101097 benefits they are pushing, what kind of advertising are they doing? The more you know aboutrepparttar 101098 competition,repparttar 101099 better off you will be.

Research other successful ads - Look around and see what kind of ads are successful. Look on TV, listen torepparttar 101100 radio and check outrepparttar 101101 print mediums as well. Look for ads that generate your curiosity or seem to attract your attention. What do these ads have in common or what about them catches your eye.

Research is very important for ad writing and yet most will not spend any time on this most important step.

2. Write Great Headlines

If you want to be successful, you need to learn to write great headlines.

The headline is your chance to getrepparttar 101102 customers attention. I look through hundreds of ads each day. I only read a few. I read nothing but headlines and if you can't pull me in with that, well you just have another ad among thousands.

How do I write great headlines? I am not a writer you say. This is where step one becomes such an important part of your ad writing.

You made a list of all ofrepparttar 101103 benefits. Now write a different headline using each benefit. How many you ask? Well I would recommend anywhere from 25 to 50. Why so many you ask? You want as many choices as possible, plus this will makerepparttar 101104 actual writing of your ad a breeze. More on that later.

Now that you have a list of headlines, start eliminating them one by one until you get down torepparttar 101105 best two or three.

3. Write Magnetic Ads

Whenrepparttar 101106 customer starts reading your ad, halfrepparttar 101107 battle is won. You now haverepparttar 101108 customer's attention. You don't want to lose it.

This is actuallyrepparttar 101109 easy part. You want to makerepparttar 101110 customer curious enough to click through to your website or sales page.

Look at all ofrepparttar 101111 headlines that you have discarded. You should be able to find plenty of ideas that will makerepparttar 101112 customers life easier.

Tellrepparttar 101113 customer what your product or service will do for them.

*Can you save them time?

This product will save you five hours a week.

*Can you make their website pull more visitors?

Capture Their Attention With Your Title!

Written by A.T.Rendon

There are millions of ads online. The Title of your ad will either make you or break you as it isrepparttar single most important element of your ad.

More often than not,repparttar 101091 Title of your ad will either capturerepparttar 101092 attention of your potential customer or get your message deleted or ignored in an instant. So you need to make it good.

Here are 7 simple, yet powerful techniques to get your ads noticed inrepparttar 101093 crowd:

1. Use C l e a r Space in Your Title.

Simply add extra blank spaces in your Title between your words or letters. This will get your ad noticed.

2. Combine CAPITAL Letters with lower CASE. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter. This is especially effective to EMPHASIS a point.

3. Use SECRET Action Words.

Begin your title line with action words like, "STOP!, LOOK!, READ", or key words like, "FREE, SECRET, REPORT". People will take notice when they see words like these. Get a FREE list of Action Words at:

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