Five Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Diet

Written by Anthony J. Burlay, M.D.

You have been on diets before. You probably have lost weight. But sometimes, itís tough to stay focused and on track. Whatís been missing from your efforts? It is possible to lose weight in a consistent way and keeprepparttar pounds off.

Perhaps in addition to a solid diet plan, there are some other aspects you have overlooked. Itís important in any of your efforts to have motivation and drive to achieve your goals. Dieting is no different and with a few changes around your excitement forrepparttar 131175 task, you can get to your target weight.

1. Make it fun Tired ofrepparttar 131176 same foods on your regimen? Dorepparttar 131177 meals seem boring and repetitive? Try a new recipe that makes sense with your plan. Spices and herbs donít interfere with most diet plans and can add a lot of flavor torepparttar 131178 same ingredients. If you are cooking just for yourself, donít settle. Make Tuesday a special occasion. Youíre going to be eating forrepparttar 131179 rest of your life. Make it enjoyable.

2. Have a goal Itís easy to get lost without a map. You can get easily sidetracked if you have vague weight loss goals. If you tell yourself, ďIím going to lose a few pounds before that event,Ē you can fall off your plan as quick as a trip torepparttar 131180 coffee shop bakery. Donít settle for losing 10 or 20 pounds if your target weight is 40 or 50 pounds away. If you lostrepparttar 131181 first few pounds, you can get to your goal by continuing what youíve been doing.

3. Get help You can also get lost if you refuse to stop and ask directions. Most tasks are easier if we recruit help. This can be family, friends, or coworkers. Help does not mean everyone in your life will eatrepparttar 131182 same as you. But asking for support on difficult days is important. Lettingrepparttar 131183 people in your life know what you are doing will give you that extra push when you need it. Getting help can also takerepparttar 131184 form of enjoying people ask, ďHave you lost weight?Ē

The Hated Cellulite Cure That Works

Written by Naweko San-Joyz

Cellulite is not a medical condition or an aesthetic mutiny perpetrated by your thighs. Itís just excess fat that weíve relegated as unsightly. Not all women have cellulite. All women of course have fat, but cellulite is simply excess fat bursting throughrepparttar connective tissues holdingrepparttar 131174 fat layer in place.

Mitchel Goldman, MD, an associate clinical professor atrepparttar 131175 University of California at San Diego regularly informsrepparttar 131176 dermatological community about cellulite treatments. On one such occasion in 2002, at American Academy of Dermatology's summer scientific meeting in New York, Dr. Goldman offered bleak hope for women with fat dimples while asserting that there is no ďcureĒ for cellulite.

Perhaps Dr. Goldman has never visited a womenís figure competition, Goldís Gym or any placed packed with women who know how to take care of their bodies. If he did frequent such places, Dr. Goldman would find that there is indeed a three-step remedy for cellulite which follows:

1.Eat a macronutrient rich diet that maintains your ideal body weight; 2.Exercise at least 60 minutes daily to promote circulation and increaserepparttar 131177 skinís elasticity and tone; and 3.Do resistance training to increase muscle size, boost fat metabolism, and increase structural support forrepparttar 131178 skinís fat layer.

I assure you that women who pose as models for cellulite creams and services already do these things.

Notwithstanding, Dr. Goldman rests convinced that "Foods really do not have an impact on whether a woman has cellulite or not." He further doubts dietary interventions by stating, ďEven a woman who radically changes her diet from high fat foods to low fat foods would still have cellulite. Consumers should be wary of any diet plan that claims to reducerepparttar 131179 appearance of cellulite -- it is simply not credible."

So how do women inrepparttar 131180 advertisements for cellulite creams get rid of their cellulite? Not by using a cream, of course. One may answer that Adobe Photoshop editing cleverly erasesrepparttar 131181 smiling fat dimples. Thatís not alwaysrepparttar 131182 case. Women can and do shrink their cellulite bubbles using a sensible diet and exercise program.

1.Eating to eliminate cellulite Enjoy five to six meals/snacks a day. Frequent eating keepsrepparttar 131183 blood sugar level balanced so that your body does not resort to fat storage. This predictable food intake also keepsrepparttar 131184 metabolism burning calories at a consistent rate.

2. Strategic exercising for cellulite elimination A study issued byrepparttar 131185 National Academies' Institute of Medicine in 2002 recommends an hour of cumulative exercise each day to maintain a healthy weight. Cellulite is an aesthetic issue and not a grave health threat. So while climbingrepparttar 131186 stairs here, and washingrepparttar 131187 car there, may help your heart, it does nothing for cellulite.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, you need to exercise for at least 45 to 60 minutes consistently to reaprepparttar 131188 fat burning benefits. Yet, you need not exhaust yourself.

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