Five Ways To Start a Money-Making Ad

Written by Keller Flynn

Advertising is more affordable than ever thanks to ezines, small newspapers, and an exploding number of trade publications that cover specific industries.

I often place classifieds ads for as little as $3 in ezines that reach thousands. Local papers and trade pubs sell short classified ads for $13 to $50, with small display ads (those box ads) going for $100 to $300.

Of course, to keeprepparttar cost down, you may have to write your ad yourself. The hardest part of writing an ad is alwaysrepparttar 101026 very beginning. Once you getrepparttar 101027 ad started,repparttar 101028 rest is easy.

Here are five ways to start your ad. Use these simple time- saving formulas to get a great ad going. Don't worry about compromising quality. These arerepparttar 101029 exact same tricks top professional copy writers have used for decades, even for million-dollar ad campaigns.

1. Start withrepparttar 101030 word FREE! It'srepparttar 101031 most popular word in advertising--because it WORKS. FREE trial consultations, FREE samples, and FREE limited-time offers all get attention and get your ad rolling.

2. Start withrepparttar 101032 word NEW! Announce a new product, service, or idea. NEW tables just in, NEW opportunity to make money, NEW information just developed.

3. Start with a DO YOU? DO YOU make enough money, DO YOU suffer from heartburn, DO YOU get tired of ads? Questions pullrepparttar 101033 reader intorepparttar 101034 rest of your ad. A question makesrepparttar 101035 reader thinkrepparttar 101036 answer. As subtle as this seems, it's a powerful first step in getting people to think seriously about buying.

4. Start with $10,000...or any other big amount of money. $10,000 a week for life, $13,000 is what you can save each month, $5,000 off this month only.

For years we've tested ads on AOL in front of their millions of members and visitors. Big money numbers and "FREE COMPUTER" pullrepparttar 101037 best response. Now,repparttar 101038 folks that click onrepparttar 101039 ad may not berepparttar 101040 kind who are going to buy, but there is no question that this method gets lots of attention.


Written by Bob Leduc

A small ad can generate a greater return on your investment than any other type of advertising. You can also use it in a variety of media. For example, I often get profitable results fromrepparttar same small ad in all ofrepparttar 101025 following:

* Internet - posted as a classified ad at websites and in email newsletters (ezines). * Print - run as a classified or display ad in magazines. * Direct Mail - printed on a postcard and sent to targeted mailing lists. * Email - added as a "signature" torepparttar 101026 bottom of my email messages.

A small classified or display ad doesn't provide enough space to generate sales directly fromrepparttar 101027 ad. Instead, use repparttar 101028 ad to generate inquiries from prospects seeking more information or to generate visitors to your store or website. Apply your usual selling procedure to close sales when you getrepparttar 101029 inquiry or visitor.


By trial and error I developedrepparttar 101030 following 4 step procedure for creating successful little classified or display ads. You can follow this same simple procedure to successfully create your own profitable little ads.


Select one product or service to promote and tailor your ad to one targeted market. You can develop ads for many different products and target them to many different markets. But each ad will be most effective when it promotes one product to one targeted market.


The headline isrepparttar 101031 most important part of your ad. It capturesrepparttar 101032 reader's attention and provides a compelling reason to read your ad. The most effective headline clearly promotes your strongest benefit to readers in your targeted market. For example, "How To Build Your MLM Downline Fast" will immediately attractrepparttar 101033 attention of most network marketers. It offersrepparttar 101034 solution to their biggest problem... how to build their downline sales organization.

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