Five Times for Search Engine Optimization

Written by Jennifer Guinan

Search engine optimization sounds so daunting for most young companies. Who has time for dealing with metatags and keyword density when you're trying to get a company offrepparttar ground? Below is a simple list of five things you can easily do to improve your visibility on search engines.

1. You can afford free. Index your site withrepparttar 136728 Open Directory Project. It's free! The Open Directory Project powers core directory services for Google, Lycos, AOL Search, Netscape Search, and lots more.

2. Know thyself through thy customers' eyes. Remember thatrepparttar 136729 words you use to describe your company are not necessarilyrepparttar 136730 same ones that a prospect might use. Sometimes you need to go withrepparttar 136731 masses when it comes to keywords. Review your keyword list (if you have one), and see if your prospects would even think to search for them. You might even want to (gasp!) ask your customers about what keywords they use.

3. Stay onrepparttar 136732 up-and-up. Don't cram your keyword tag with dozens of keywords or repeating keywords. It doesn't work. Use 10 to 12 good, applicable keywords.

CEO Meet SEO - Introduction to Optimization

Written by Christine Stander

Having been inrepparttar search marketing industry for a couple of years, it still strikes me when I meet website owners that have just recently become aware of this “phenomenon”.

The newbies introduction.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a nutshell is helping a website to achieve higher positioning on search engines and thus to be found by users typing in a specific query related torepparttar 136700 website contents.

The first thing most searchers do when looking for anything onrepparttar 136701 web, is turn to their favourite search engine, for example: Google, Yahoo! and MSN to namerepparttar 136702 top three, type in their query (what they are looking for), press submit, and results magically appear approximately 3 seconds later.

For most searchers whatever is displayed on that very first page is deemedrepparttar 136703 most relevant ofrepparttar 136704 hundreds and sometimes thousands of websites onrepparttar 136705 search engine’s index.

It has been proven that most people do not browse further thanrepparttar 136706 first two result pages at most; therefore it is safe to assume that if your site is not listed onrepparttar 136707 first 10 – 20 results it will likely not be found.

Gaining position.

SEO uses various techniques to help prepare and boost a website into these sought after positions.

Some ofrepparttar 136708 techniques used are, but not limited to: 1.Site architecture 2.Optimized content 3.Optimized html 4.Link building campaigns

To briefly explain these four points: 1.Site architecture –repparttar 136709 directory & page structure, page names, domain name and language (asp, php, jsp, html etc. ) 2.Optimized content – Key-phrases are chosen based on target market. (Key-phrases arerepparttar 136710 phrases that people will type into their browser when they are looking for something onrepparttar 136711 web.) Each page of a website is optimized for a particular term. The page copy, image names, hyperlinks etc are all carefully optimized in strategically chosen areas to reflect this particular term torepparttar 136712 spider. 3.Optimized html – One area isrepparttar 136713 page title and meta description. This is what most search engines use to display in their results pages. This isrepparttar 136714 area that sets your site apart fromrepparttar 136715 other nine results that are displayed onrepparttar 136716 page and encouragesrepparttar 136717 user to choose your site. 4.Link building campaigns – Google developed their PageRank algorithm to determinerepparttar 136718 relevancy of sites as seen from a hub or group perspective. In a nutshell it ranks sites out of 10 based on how many other sites are linked to it. The theory goes that if many sites are interested in that site, then that site is surely important to users and therefore it should be important inrepparttar 136719 index. To kick-start a site Link builders are assigned to research sites that are in similar industries to their own projects, emailrepparttar 136720 relevant webmaster and exchange links. In so doing, building uprepparttar 136721 site’s relevance withinrepparttar 136722 hub. Oncerepparttar 136723 relevance is built up,repparttar 136724 Link building will occur on a more natural basis and link building requests should no longer be necessary.

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