Five Things TO do When Starting a Home Business

Written by Tammy Henderson

Iím going to take a chance here and bet that you havenít heard at least one or two of my suggestions, and maybe none of them. These are not your normal home business suggestions.

1. Buy yourself at least two 5 subject notebooks. I preferrepparttar smaller 9 ĹĒ size. That way, they donít take up much room at your computer table. You can keep track of your ID#ís, passwords, ideas, urls, to do lists and your checklists when advertising. Now I know, I know, this isrepparttar 117834 old fashioned way, but for quick reference, this method canít be beat.

2. Get up and take at break at least once every two hours. I know that I have been guilty of sitting here for hours on end, only to get up and find out that either my legís asleep, Iím staving to death because I completely forgot lunch, or that I have forgotten to getrepparttar 117835 laundry out ofrepparttar 117836 dryer and now itís all wrinkled. (headaches, backaches and a stiff neck are also a result of this) Get up and stretch, look outrepparttar 117837 window, take a walk, anything to refresh yourself.

3. Keep a big jug of ice cold water by your computer. I used to hate water till I bought a water filter and now I drink my 8 glasses a day, just like Iím supposed to. This is not only very healthy, it also helps with #2 above. I drink it without even thinking about it because itís there, next torepparttar 117838 puter. Do make sure that itís a container that is not easily knocked over.

"Blood, Sweat and Tears!!"

Written by Jane Fulton

Blood, Sweat and Tears!! by jane

My first 'computer' was web tv. There are a lot of good features on web tv. That's why I still have web tv today. I learned a lot ofrepparttar web 'lingo' and played every FREE lotto I could find. I lovedrepparttar 117833 different games that I found onrepparttar 117834 internet to play. It was a whole new world. I did some research, collected jokes, recipes and information onrepparttar 117835 stock market.

One day, totally by accident, I subscribed to an ezine that was talking about making money onrepparttar 117836 internet I thought that was only for programmers! I started subscribing to more ezines that talked about internet marketing. I decided this was something I wanted to do, but I knew I needed more knowledge. I foundrepparttar 117837 website: http:/ . WOW! This site really opened up a lot of avenues for me. They offered FREE courses! I dug right in. I was thrilled when I finishedrepparttar 117838 first course, took a final exam and got a certificate (which I considered a diploma), that I could print out on my printer! I will never forgetrepparttar 117839 feeling of accomplishment and pride. I showed it to everyone that came to visit. They probably could care less, but it was a big deal to me. I still have that certificate today. It's framed and hanging on my office wall. After I had a few courses under my belt, I figured, 'I can do this!'. Boy, I really didn't know what I was in for.

I had some software that came with my computer, so I decided to get started building my first website. After a lot of attempts and failures, I finally got a web site built that I was proud of. It was exactlyrepparttar 117840 way I wanted it.

Ok, that was done. Now I needed a domain name. I got that done with no problem. Next I needed a host. I quickly found out that I didn't need just any host, but a host that could and would deal with a newbie. That was a tough one to solve. I went through about five different hosts before I ended up withrepparttar 117841 host I now have: I think sometimes he got impatient with me at first, but soon learned that he was dealing with a GENUINE newbie and I wasn't going to give up. He has proved to be very patient and helpful, which is what I needed.

My host was a very busy man, so he assigned me a sponsor. That way I could bug him. We communicated by email for a while, but he saw quickly that I needed more help than email could give. He asked me if I could call him. It just so happened that my daughter had given me a three hour phone card as a gift, so I said, 'sure, no problem.'. I was so excited! I couldn't hardly wait forrepparttar 117842 day and time we had set-up forrepparttar 117843 phone call....................

I was so excited!! The day had finally come! My site would be up onrepparttar 117844 internet! Imagine! My own site!

I called my sponsor, Gary McLeod , and he worked with me to getrepparttar 117845 site uploaded. Since I had a three hour phone card, I wasn't worried aboutrepparttar 117846 cost. I thought to myself, 'Oh, we'll have time to get acquainted.'. Boy, was I wrong ! We tried, and we tried, and we tried, to no avail ! We would getrepparttar 117847 site uploaded and have two of everything ! That certainly wouldn't do ! After three hours, yes three hours,repparttar 117848 phone cut us off. I immediately called him back. He decided that it wasrepparttar 117849 software I was using. I sent himrepparttar 117850 html and sure enough, it wasn't right. Back torepparttar 117851 drawing board !

You talk about discouraged ! I was ready to pack up this computer and send it back to Gateway and go back to my 'safe' web tv.

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