Five Things NOT to do When Starting a Home Business

Written by Tammy Henderson

I know what your thinking but this is not another ďmarketing errors people makeĒ article. Iím not going to tell you how ugly and annoying your website is or that even your own mother wouldnít buy from you with that horrible sales letter.

What Iím going to help you with may be common sense to some but it may be eye-opening for others. I have learned from my mistakes (hopefully) and Iím going to pass on my new found knowledge.

1. Donít put an ad on an FFA site with your business e-mail address (or your personal address or your e-zine subscription address or any other address that you read regularly).

You will wade through a gazillion e-mails. Now that I have that basement full of Viagra, I have my 12 credit cards, 3rd and 4th mortgages, and allrepparttar businesses going that I can (and sometimes canít) handle, I donít need to read all ofrepparttar 117835 ďconformation of posting to my FFA siteĒ messages. Now donít get me wrong, they do have a great use. I do scan them to catchrepparttar 117836 headlines that grab me, and if Iím looking for a certain thing, I may scan for that too. But do yourself a favor, get a free junkmail address so you wonít be looking for customers e-mails, or urgent mail.

2. Donít sign up for every free program out there.

In order to be successful in an online business, you must know your business, inside and out. How can you possibly spend enough time learning about 10 different programs so that you can promote, answer questions and be loyal enough to stand behind them? Spread yourself too thin and you will start to forget things, skip important training, not reply to messages in a timely manner. I donít know how many times I have said that I have too many irons inrepparttar 117837 fire. I have narrowed downrepparttar 117838 programs I am involved in. I stuck withrepparttar 117839 cream ofrepparttar 117840 crop. I stay much nicer that way.

Five Things TO do When Starting a Home Business

Written by Tammy Henderson

Iím going to take a chance here and bet that you havenít heard at least one or two of my suggestions, and maybe none of them. These are not your normal home business suggestions.

1. Buy yourself at least two 5 subject notebooks. I preferrepparttar smaller 9 ĹĒ size. That way, they donít take up much room at your computer table. You can keep track of your ID#ís, passwords, ideas, urls, to do lists and your checklists when advertising. Now I know, I know, this isrepparttar 117834 old fashioned way, but for quick reference, this method canít be beat.

2. Get up and take at break at least once every two hours. I know that I have been guilty of sitting here for hours on end, only to get up and find out that either my legís asleep, Iím staving to death because I completely forgot lunch, or that I have forgotten to getrepparttar 117835 laundry out ofrepparttar 117836 dryer and now itís all wrinkled. (headaches, backaches and a stiff neck are also a result of this) Get up and stretch, look outrepparttar 117837 window, take a walk, anything to refresh yourself.

3. Keep a big jug of ice cold water by your computer. I used to hate water till I bought a water filter and now I drink my 8 glasses a day, just like Iím supposed to. This is not only very healthy, it also helps with #2 above. I drink it without even thinking about it because itís there, next torepparttar 117838 puter. Do make sure that itís a container that is not easily knocked over.

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