Five Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Chin Up in Business!

Written by Dan Snow

As entrepreneurs, we all have those times when sales slump a little, or we feel stuck in a rut, or we're just not sure if we're even doingrepparttar right thing.

Before you let a bad day, or a deal gone sour, fill you with self-doubt - which WILL effect your business eventually, try these sure-fire ways to pick yourself up untilrepparttar 117970 next time you're celebrating a sale!

1. Read over your testimonials from past clients.

This will remind you of how valued your business is, and how much you have been appreciated. No testimonials? What are you waiting for? Get some! Get onrepparttar 117971 phone and call people who you know have been satisfied with your service inrepparttar 117972 past - tell them you're 'revamping your approach' (then it's not really even a little white lie!), and wondered if they would consider jotting down a few words about what your company did for them.

Most folks are delighted to oblige!

2. Call a mentor. You probably know lots of seasoned professionals who've been aroundrepparttar 117973 block a few times more than you. It doesn't matter if they're not inrepparttar 117974 same business - whatever business they're in , they've probably experiencedrepparttar 117975 same kinds of 'slumps' that you find yourself in now.

And again, most entrepreneurs who have 'been there, done that' would be happy to spend a few minutes encouraging you to carry on with what you're doing.

How To Have A Whole Team Building Your Business...Even When You're A Sole Proprietor!

Written by Philip Benjamin

There's a big difference between working FOR yourself, and working BY yourself. Every smart small business operator should learn how to build a TEAM of people around them who will help buildrepparttar business - even when they are independent owners.

The very first person on your team should be your accountant, or at least a bookkeeper. Even if you're a math whiz, and love doing your own books (will you come and work for ME, please?), an accountant should still be one ofrepparttar 117969 people with whom you consult regularly.

Based on your financial statements, they can help get you back on track in a hurry if you start veering off-course.

The next person you want to have on your team is your banker. Even if you didn't have to borrow seed money or start-up funds, it's always a good idea to develop a positive relationship with your banker - you never know WHEN you might need to dip intorepparttar 117970 pot, and you might as well have a good rapport withrepparttar 117971 person who makesrepparttar 117972 decision!

Another person you may need to have on your team is a business lawyer, especially if you are importing or exporting, or doing any kind of international business. If you're in eitherrepparttar 117973 information or manufacturing business, a good corporate lawyer understandsrepparttar 117974 nuances of things like patents, copyrights and trademarks, too - and many of them now have a pretty good handle onrepparttar 117975 demands and diversity of e-commerce enterprises, as well.

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