Five Simple Steps To Get the Best Pictures For Your eBay Auctions.

Written by Jason James

We have all heardrepparttar saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. With online auctions it should be "a good picture can add up to thousands of dollars".

Without having a background in digital photography, lighting techniques and backdrops, etc. I have found a very simple way to get professional quality lighting and photos in minutes. Top photographers say it is much easier for a novice to get a great picture by using natural or outdoor lighting while taking a photo of your products.

Here is a simple way to get a great photo for online auctions:

1. The best lighting occurs between 3 p.m.-6 p.m. inrepparttar 150670 afternoon, depending onrepparttar 150671 time of year. Set aside 15 minutes so you can take several pictures at once.

2. Use a simple plain backdrop and place it behind your auction item, perhaps a white sheet or a tan piece of solid fabric. You need to use a solid color for your backdrop, so that you do not draw attention away from your product.

6 Tips For Avoiding Work From Home Scams

Written by Jordan Williams

It seems like everyone is being flooded with advertisements on how you can be a millionaire by working at home. I see it when I turn onrepparttar TV, I see it when I read a magazine, I see it when I surfrepparttar 150642 Net, I see it everywhere! We just can’t escaperepparttar 150643 latest get rich quick scheme. It seems like everyone and their grandma is trying to sell you that pie inrepparttar 150644 sky dream of livingrepparttar 150645 perfect life. Sorepparttar 150646 question comes up, is it truly possible to make a living by working from home or are all these advertisements we see just another scam?

The good news is yes, it is possible to make a decent living by working from home but you need to be cautious. You especially need to be aware of online “get rich quick scams”. In this article I am going to cover 6 tips to help you discover which business opportunities are for real and which ones you should stay away from.

1) Do they have contact information?

Obviously scam artist don’t want to be found. So do they have all their contact information on their web site? Such as their company name, phone number, and address? It’s also important that they have a physical address and not just a P.O. Box. Once you have their phone number you should call them and ask them any questions that you have.

2) Are they a legal company?

Hasrepparttar 150647 company been legally registered in their country? Each country has different laws in this regard, but inrepparttar 150648 United States you want to make sure that they are set up as a legal corporation. Look atrepparttar 150649 company name and see if there is a LLC, Inc., Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Ltd., Corp., or Enterprises atrepparttar 150650 end of it. You can also do a search at Google and see if it is registered in that state. Just type in “search for corporation (name of state)” and you can find any registration data.

3) How do they accept payments?

Another sign to look for is how they have set up their payment system. Have they takenrepparttar 150651 steps to have their own merchant account? If not then are they using a reputable 3rd party payment system? If they are using a 3rd party payment processor then make sure that you can dispute any charges made to your account. Paypal is a good example of a reputable 3rd party payment processor. Onrepparttar 150652 other hand I would stay away from any company exclusively using payment systems such as Stormpay or E-gold.

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