Five Sections of Your Copy Guaranteed To Get Read

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston 2005

Only about 20% of your copy is going to get read. The rest will simply be scanned. I'm sure you've heardrepparttar statistic before. It's nothing new. While it might sound frightening or frustrating, it's a fact of copywriting life. So what do you do next? Give up? What difference does it make if only about 20% will be read anyway?

It makes a world of difference. Especially if you understand that there are some sections of your copy that are practically guaranteed to get read. If you know what these are and work to reinforce them, you'll see your conversions increase dramatically whether your copy is geared toward online or offline promotions.


Headlines have always been and will always berepparttar 108007 most important section in any copy. They arerepparttar 108008 first thing to get read and haverepparttar 108009 greatest impact on whether any ofrepparttar 108010 other copy gets read. Those stories you've seen floating aroundrepparttar 108011 Internet about marketers who have made minute changes to a headline and tripled their conversion rates are true. It happens allrepparttar 108012 time. In fact, it's happened to me.

Headlines and sub-headlines can guide your visitors to read deeper into your copy. If you set up a structure of progressive headlines (, you'll have a better shot getting your point across. Pay a lot of attention to your headline. It'srepparttar 108013 powerhouse of your copy.


Captions started with newspaper journalists. When they would run a picture with a story, they would add a few words underneath to explain what or whorepparttar 108014 picture was of. People got intorepparttar 108015 habit of looking forrepparttar 108016 captions in order to relaterepparttar 108017 importance ofrepparttar 108018 image withrepparttar 108019 information they were receiving. This still holds true. Captions in advertising pieces are highly read. Don't wasterepparttar 108020 space!


When you scan something -- an article, a book, a newspaper, a magazine, a website -- what do you read? Almost everyone readsrepparttar 108021 first sentence of each paragraph. These sentences are vitally important in order to get your potential customers interested enough to keep reading. If you create exceptional first sentences, one of two things will happen. One: The prospect will be more likely to continue readingrepparttar 108022 copy. Two: The first sentences in each paragraph will be enough to convince him/her to buy.

Winning Words for the Web

Written by Oscar Bruce

Winning Words forrepparttar Web by Oscar Bruce

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Winning Words forrepparttar 108018 Web By Oscar Bruce

Give Your Web Site The Verbal Advantage

Have you ever sat down to create that winning ad, publicity release or newsletter and couldn't come up withrepparttar 108019 right words or phrases? You will never make your fortune until you cure this dialog dilemma. You must enlarge your powers of expression, acquire precision and persuasion. You need a powerhouse of color, flavor and tone to highlight your message. This applies to personal conversations, writing promotional material or creating a productive web site.

The Internet Is A Money Maker

In many waysrepparttar 108020 Web isrepparttar 108021 ultimate medium, but only for those who can deliver their message persuasively and convincingly. Inrepparttar 108022 end it will be your site's ability to create desire and compel action that will bring real wealth. Those not possessingrepparttar 108023 necessary verbal skills will experience perpetual disappointment. They can not createrepparttar 108024 success they desire, socially or financially.

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