Five Secrets to "Thinking on Your Feet"

Written by Ed Sykes

Five Secrets to “Thinking on Your Feet” By Ed Sykes © 2005 All Rights Reserved

Many times we are put into situations where we are asked a question and need to give an answer onrepparttar spot, or “think on your feet.” It could be a sales or customer service situation, your manager asking you for a progress report, a request for your ideas on a new community project, or a job interview.

During these times we can feelrepparttar 107927 pressure. Our heart begins to race, we start to sweat, we feel our knees knocking, or we want to hide under a rock. This is because sometimesrepparttar 107928 answer we give could mean that big sale,repparttar 107929 customer being satisfied, a promotion or raise, or that dream job.

The following are five secrets to help you master your “thinking on your feet” skills:

1.Listen Many times when we are in a high pressure situation where we are so nervous we really don’t hearrepparttar 107930 actual question. Been there, done that. To make sure we understandrepparttar 107931 question and giverepparttar 107932 right answer dorepparttar 107933 following:

•Breathe slower (Benefit: Relaxes body and mind). •Look directly atrepparttar 107934 questioner. (Benefit: Increases comprehension.) •Ask questions (Benefit: increases clarity and shows you are listening).

2.Pause to Organize It is okay to pause. Pause to gather your thoughts. When you pause you look and sound poised and in control. Remember, there is power in silence. 3.Repeatrepparttar 107935 Question This has several benefits: * Buys you time to think. * Communicates a complete piece of information.

Billing Woes For Telcos

Written by Arun Tibrewal

The rapid rise inrepparttar telecom industry overrepparttar 107926 last few years has been an event cheered by many. Today, Indian market isrepparttar 107927 second largest growing market inrepparttar 107928 world. And consideringrepparttar 107929 vastly increasing population coupled with increasing economic prosperity,repparttar 107930 telecom companies have nothing to fret about. Yet, there are certain chains that are shacklingrepparttar 107931 growth inrepparttar 107932 telecom. While many companies have paid due emphasis to coverage technology, installing expensive equipment all across for better coverage, they are yet to pay proper attention to their back-end, mostly importantlyrepparttar 107933 billing systems. Quite many telecom companies still have in place archaic billing systems, these software applications were bought off-the-shelf and are complex beyond imagination. Not are they slow on processing or what is better known as 'turn around' time, but are also not scalable torepparttar 107934 ever-changing needs ofrepparttar 107935 company. Hence, there are still a lot of services (related to billing) that many operators are unable to provide.

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