Five Reasons To Journal

Written by Lael Johnson

Copyright 2005 Writer's Eye Advisory Service

Keeping a journal duringrepparttar coaching process is one ofrepparttar 144130 most simple and effective aids a client can use.  Below you will find five reasons why I encourage my clients to use a journal during their coaching time. I hope that you will be motivated to commit your creative pursuits to a journal.   REINFORCES SELF-ESTEEM:  When artists share their work, they share some part of themselves to their audience. For some artists, performing or displaying their art comes easily. They have confidence, courage andrepparttar 144131 requisite skill to handle both success and rejection of their art.  When an artist moves into that place,repparttar 144132 focus switches to what’s happening insiderepparttar 144133 artist, rather than what’s happening torepparttar 144134 art. It takes time to separate personal issues from past experience, creativity and business issues.   Journaling facilitates this change in between coaching sessions.   AIDS IN PROBLEM-SOLVING: A journal provides space to work out problems in detail.  The client can spell outrepparttar 144135 situation, examinerepparttar 144136 pros and cons, percolate overrepparttar 144137 material and come to a final informed decision. The client can also discover information gaps, ask questions and share concerns, that may also lead to further research.

The One Important Secret of Making More Money Easily.

Written by Patric Chan

Copyright 2005 Patric Chan

If you're reading this article, it means you are a person who wants to make more money in life.

Who doesn't? Money is not everything in life, but it sure helps to decrease problems if it is used correctly.

Some people think that they don't deserve to make more money in life. But you are different. You put effort in to change your life for a wealthier lifestyle.

If I say to you that it's easy to make money instantly, that would be a lie right?

It's not easy to make money immediately, but it's worthrepparttar effort to put in to ensure that you will have more money to spend in future.

Contradictory to that, it's easy to make money when you knowrepparttar 144129 correct tools and strategies to apply for achieving it.

You may not be able to make more money instantly, but you can definitely make more money over a certain period of time withrepparttar 144130 proven strategies that I've used over and over again.

Here'srepparttar 144131 one secret of making more money easily.

Use other people's time, skill, talent, networks or money.

Don't waste your time trying to figure out a solution if someone else already hasrepparttar 144132 key to solverepparttar 144133 problem. In another word, don't try to be smart and re-inventrepparttar 144134 wheel. Is it ethical to 'use' other people's resources?

Of course it is! As long as you are creating a win/win offer to that person and not exploiting them, I can't see any reason why you should not be 'using'repparttar 144135 resources that is available in front of you.

The rich call this LEVERAGING.

I call this a darn smart rich idea.

Most ofrepparttar 144136 rich people use this secret in their life to make more money.

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