Five Publicity "Buckets" For Marketing-Minded Financial Planners

Written by Ned Steele

Maybe you’ve seen another financial planner on TV, and thought, “Hey, I’m just as good as she. Why didn’trepparttar press pick me?”

Well, chances are, as you now know, they picked her for at least two good reasons:

1. She is a proficient – though not necessarily top–financial planner, and 2. She did something, somewhere, to get on their radar screen.

Just as you’re going to learn how to do. If you’ll just keep reading these articles.

Truth is, you can’t just walk into a TV station or magazine office and announce, “Here I am, expert available!” It’s a little more involved than that.

But it’s not so hard that a smart financial planner can’t figure it out. And implement your own little media plan. And use your publicity to build business. And do it without spending a ton of money on some fancy-pants PR firm.

Financial Planners, Increase Your Search Engine Ranking with Web Articles

Written by Ned Steele

The goal of free publicity is to get your name in front of as many people as possible. So if you write an article, don't bury it on your web site.

Why hide it? You want as many eyes as possible to see your intelligent professional advice. So offer that article to other web sites.

Articles you author that appear on someone else’s web site – a professional association’s, another organization’s, your target market’s news and resource sites – are powerful publicity tools. Get on them. When prospective clients find your article on someone else’s site, you can drive them right over to your site by telling them they will find deeper information there.

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