Five Most Common Mistaken Beliefs About Joint Venture Marketing

Written by Habiba Abubakar

Apart from beingrepparttar fastest, easiest, and most profitable strategy for attracting clients and boosting profits in any small business, there are so many other advantages of joint venture marketing for all parties involved. So, why arenít all small business owners implementing joint ventures?

Hereís a partial list ofrepparttar 145074 most common mistaken beliefs about joint venture marketing. Iíve pickedrepparttar 145075 top five to shorten your reading time, but you can listen to more mistaken beliefs when you tune in to hear me being interviewed by Doug Hudiburg at

Mistaken Belief #1: That Thereís A High Risk Of Losing Money.

If youíre like most small business owners, thenrepparttar 145076 fear of losing money is inevitable because youíre probably on a shoestring budget to start with. However, you canít lose money when youíre paying for results only. You only pay out a commission when your joint venture partnersí clients buy from you. So, you actually getrepparttar 145077 revenue before incurringrepparttar 145078 expense.

The only other pre-sale expenses are production costs and printing/postage costs for letters, coupons or vouchers. Whether you do joint ventures or not, these are costs youíll incur anyway, because youíll need those coupons or vouchers for other marketing tactics. So,repparttar 145079 belief that thereís a high risk of losing money is misplaced.

Mistaken Belief #2: That Youíll Lose Your Clients.

Your clients will purchase other products and services whether you like it or not. So, it would do your business good to recommend what they purchase and make a profit from it.

In fact, recommending high-quality products and services to your clients will strengthen your relationship with them. How? Firstly, youíre shortening their decision-making process by saving themrepparttar 145080 time theyíll otherwise spend on finding and trying out those products and services. Secondly, by arranging exclusive discounts and bonuses, youíre saving them money. By saving them time and money, youíre adding value to what you already offer your clients, and this will therefore strengthen your client relationships.

Mistaken Belief #3: That Doing Joint Ventures Will Eat Your Profits

Most small business owners would rather struggle to get clients, and get mediocre profits at best, instead of sharingrepparttar 145081 profits with a joint venture partner that sends clients their way.

They donít realize that joint venturing actually eliminatesrepparttar 145082 risk of wasting money. For example, when you pay for an advert, you have no clue whether it will generate responses or not. So, youíll lose money ifrepparttar 145083 ad fails.

4 Sales Strategies with Your Trade Show Exhibition Booth

Written by Patty Stripes

Trade show booths can act as an excellent source for generating sales enquiries inrepparttar short run. Companies are able to demonstrate their products or services and get instant enquiries atrepparttar 145057 booth which on timely follow up can result in sales. Some ofrepparttar 145058 tips on how to maximizerepparttar 145059 benefits of a trade show booth as a sales tool are mentioned below:

On-Spot promotion schemes: This is an age old trick which works well at trade shows. Firstly it makesrepparttar 145060 visitor stop at your booth for more than a few seconds. Secondly, a structured promotion method quickly putsrepparttar 145061 visitor throughrepparttar 145062 benefits ofrepparttar 145063 products (obviously in an attractive fashion) and then a decision making opportunity is thrown atrepparttar 145064 visitor introducing them to onrepparttar 145065 spot interesting offers. Offers can range from products sold onrepparttar 145066 spot at attractive pricing, free gifts with purchases, extended time period of services, lifetime warranty andrepparttar 145067 like. The more innovativerepparttar 145068 offer, morerepparttar 145069 likelihood of success.

Assuming thatrepparttar 145070 product andrepparttar 145071 promotion offering are attractive forrepparttar 145072 users,repparttar 145073 on-spot promos can recover all costs ofrepparttar 145074 trade show plus earnrepparttar 145075 company a healthy profit. Quick checks withrepparttar 145076 organizers need to be done beforerepparttar 145077 event to ensure that onsite sales are permitted.

Get your customers to speak torepparttar 145078 visitors: Admitted that this might be a bit tough to execute, but if you have a large enough trade show booth, then it might be an excellent idea to schedule live interaction sessions where you have satisfied customers promotingrepparttar 145079 product. This can have fantastic results in terms of sales enquiries generated atrepparttar 145080 event.

A well known software company promotedrepparttar 145081 client's company during a well known industry trade show and developed content to display on how their software solution helpedrepparttar 145082 customer's business. This 'gimmick' gotrepparttar 145083 visitors to stop and take a look and interested visitors did take a seat and sit throughrepparttar 145084 entire presentation. Needless to say, there is no better sales tool than satisfied customers.

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