Five Minutes

Written by Dan Reinhold

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Five Minutes By Dan Reinhold


You're hunched atrepparttar 131787 computer, flickingrepparttar 131788 keys withrepparttar 131789 greatest of ease - or, like me, poking each stroke withrepparttar 131790 speed of a...umm...well, it DID rhyme!


You're mesmerized for hours byrepparttar 131791 wonders of Internet business - you market, you negotiate, you design, you submit, you research, you chat...a lot...


Enthralled and empowered by your cyber-independence, you plan and scheme, plot and dream.

While life inrepparttar 131792 REAL world goes on around you...

"Hey Mom, can I have lunch now?? It's three o'clock!!"

"Huh? Whaa...yeah, five minutes, honey...lessee, click here..."

Funny howrepparttar 131793 daily grind hasn't ground to a halt...

"Dad?? Couldya sign this? It just says that you know about my tryin' to burn downrepparttar 131794 school and ya assume full financial responsibility...No big deal, couple alarms..."

"Darn HTML code...Hmm? Yeah...five minutes, umm...son??"

Things just keep rolling on...

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