Five Key Fundamentals you need to know for a successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Written by Gregg Kell

Five Key Fundamentals you need to know for a successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Gregg Kell

Search engine optimization or SEO isrepparttar key to a successful on-line business.

You can get search engine optimization training from e-books, on-line tutorials, or you can hire a search engine optimization specialist. The success of SEO services has revealed an over 200% growth overrepparttar 128228 past two years.

All this excitement has triggered a rush of search engine optimization services, SEO consultants and SEO Experts. But to succeed you must have a realistic search engine marketing strategy that understands this new advertising medium. Here are five key fundamentals you need to know for a successful Search Engine Marketing Strategy.


The success of your search engine marketing strategy inrepparttar 128229 end depends on your keyword selection. A good search engine strategy targets a broad range of keywords including little words as well as big words.

If you are not familiar with Overture, visitrepparttar 128230 site. Available tools can help you selectrepparttar 128231 best keywords for your website. When starting out, it’s much better to look for small bargains than to fight for one or two big and popular keyword phrases.


While paid search engine advertising is a great Internet marketing tool, you will profit from a balanced search engine marketing strategy that also includes organic search engine optimization services and link building. You might consider hiring a professional SEO Company, staffed with SEO Professionals to provide this service for you.

Search Engine Metrics… Organic Search vs. Paid Placement

Written by Lawrence Deon

Let me preface this report by citing advertisers in 2004 have spent 4 Billion dollars on search engine marketing according to (SEMPO)repparttar Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization.

Website marketers cited Search engine positioning wasrepparttar 128227 top method to drive traffic to their sites (66%), followed by email marketing (54%). Source: Direct Marketing Association. Accordingly,repparttar 128228 most cost effective way to market your web site online is to obtain several top 10-search engine rankings inrepparttar 128229 major search engines for your keywords.

According to a recent Jupiter Research Survey, searching onrepparttar 128230 search engines is one ofrepparttar 128231 main uses ofrepparttar 128232 Internet among 79% of users. Source: September 2002 Jupiter Research Survey. So that beingrepparttar 128233 case, whatever your promoting you’ll want to make sure it can be found onrepparttar 128234 first page ofrepparttar 128235 search engines results page.

The reason is numerically simple. An Iprospect Survey in 2002 reported that 78% of web users abandon their search ifrepparttar 128236 first 3 pages don't provide an answer to their question, and 28% don’t scroll pastrepparttar 128237 2nd page of results. Source: Media Post article reporting results of Spring 2002 IProspect survey.

Combine those facts withrepparttar 128238 Internets explosive growth rate of 1.8 Million people worldwide going online every week forrepparttar 128239 very first time, Source: Official Guide To Internet Promotion and you can soon appreciate what a top 10 ranking can mean to you. Google receives approximately 39.4% of all search engine traffic. Yahoo receives approximately 30.4%. They’re simplyrepparttar 128240 largest search engines being utilized online today.

Bringing uprepparttar 128241 rear is MSN at 29.6%, and AOL 15.5% then Ask Jeeves with 8.5%. Source: Nielsen//NetRatings January 2004

How much traffic is that? Well, Google and its partner sites were reporting a whopping 250 million searches a day in February 2003.

Overture and its partners were reporting over 167 million searches per day. Inktomi reported 80 million followed by LookSmart with 45 million per day.

FindWhat reported 33 million while Ask Jeeves reported 20 million, Alta Vista reported 18 million and finally Fast reported 12 Million searches per day. Source: 2004. With all said, you can easily see how your search engine rankings are directly proportional torepparttar 128242 traffic your web site receives, and your site traffic is directly related to your potential to profit online.

Oh, and in case your wondering how much money is spent online; a recent Forrester Research Report indicated that online spending reached $95,700,000,000 million in 2003! That's a cool 95.7 billion dollars. Projected online spending is estimated to grow to $229 billion in 2008! A whopping 139% increase in online spending! Source: Forrester Research

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