Fitness Wars: Revenge of the Girth

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

As ofrepparttar writing of this article, May 16, 2005, we are all almost 5 months into our New Year's Resolutions.

Are you skinny yet?

Did you find your six-pack?

Does your butt look like you wanted it to in those jeans?

For a lot of you,repparttar 138596 answers to these questions are going to be "No, No, and, I tookrepparttar 138597 jeans back torepparttar 138598 store".

Why? You are a victim ofrepparttar 138599 Fitness Wars, that's why. Your Girth is winning out over your Resolution, and you are probably more frustrated now than you were when you started!

Is there some master conspiracy that is keeping you from getting in shape? Dorepparttar 138600 rules of energy in vs. energy out not apply to you? Are you in a fat-loss vacuum whererepparttar 138601 normal laws of weight loss don't work?

Of course not. Yet, you still can't loserepparttar 138602 bodyfat, and it is likely because you are simply confused.

If you are like most people, you have gotten fitness advice fromrepparttar 138603 radio, TV, friends, family members, magazines, maybe even a Personal Trainer. Who hadrepparttar 138604 most to gain from giving you fitness advice?

The radio, TV, magazines, and even your trainer are all interested in getting paid for handing out advice to you. Does that make themrepparttar 138605 most qualified to help you? Withrepparttar 138606 possible exception of your personal trainer, no, it really doesn't.

What about your friends and family? Let's answer this question first: Wasrepparttar 138607 person who gave yourepparttar 138608 advice in good shape? If not, thenrepparttar 138609 point of that question should be clear!

Fitness Wars - all of these different people and agencies trying to get you to do something or buy something.

How about a little thing that some people like to call "Back to Basics"? Prepare Thyself! You are about to be shownrepparttar 138610 true secrets to fitness success!!

1.Proper Nutrition. For those of you who don't know what that is, a good rule of thumb is that if man made it, don't eat it! If that isn't enough information for you, then consult a professional nutritionist, or do free research online. If you pay a professional, make sure they are properly credentialed. If you dorepparttar 138611 research yourself, don't believe what you find if that site is obviously more interested in your money than in your health.

Exercise Program

Written by Peter Kudlacz

The exercise program you choose depends entirely on your fitness goals. The exercises you will be doing andrepparttar approach you take in performing these exercises will depend on whether you wish to gain muscle and strength, tone and lose weight or just stay in shape and be healthy. I will briefly describe a sample exercise program that can be adapted for all people regardless of their age or fitness objectives.

If you are looking to build muscle or strength via a bodybuilding routine, stick to 4-5 sets of 10-12 repetitions. Focus onrepparttar 138548 positive and negative of each movement of each repetition. Gradually increaserepparttar 138549 weight as you work out to force your muscles to work. Otherwise your muscles will become programmed, accustomed torepparttar 138550 same weight and you will no longer experience any gains. There are many approaches and techniques that can be used in bodybuilding. Experiment and userepparttar 138551 best one that fits you. An excellent book about weight training and bodybuilding that discusses many different techniques to working out is The Weider System of Bodybuilding.

If you are looking to tone or just stay in shape and be healthy, an exercise program combining weight training and a cardiovascular workout is appropriate for you. When you are exercising with weights, 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions at a reasonable weight would be appropriate. Combine this with cardio exercise 1-2 times a week such as riding an exercise bike or elliptical machine or by joining classes at your gym. It is difficult to discuss in great detail in this article exactly what you should be doing. For custom exercise programs I highly recommend Global, Health and Fitness

Here is a sample exercise program that can be modified to fit any person's fitness goals. Remember that you can changerepparttar 138552 order and incorporate different exercises for each body part on weekly basis. I encourage this to prevent boredom and your body getting used torepparttar 138553 same routine.

Before beginning your workout, you should warm up for 5 - 10 minutes on an exercise bike or treadmill. This will prevent you from pulling muscles or injuring yourself. For a cool-down, you can perform stretching exercises.

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