Fish Health in Hot Summer Heat

Written by Brett Fogle

Summer is over, but for many of us -repparttar heat remains. Here a couple of things to do to keep your fish healthy and your pond clear going into winter. First, remember to keep your pond well aerated. This is very important to your fish becauserepparttar 116245 pond water actually holds less oxygen at higher pond temperatures. So if it's still hot in your part ofrepparttar 116246 country, keep those waterfalls and fountains running! This will keep your pond water full of oxygen, and reduce stress on your fish. If you see your goldfish or KOI gasping atrepparttar 116247 surface, it's a good sign that you don't have enough dissolved oxygen inrepparttar 116248 water, and this can be dangerous. Especially if you have a lot of green water algae inrepparttar 116249 pond. This algae can absorb much ofrepparttar 116250 oxygen inrepparttar 116251 pond water at night and cause very low dissolved oxygen levels duringrepparttar 116252 day - which can be deadly to fish!


Written by Valerie Goettsch

If you’re only using your digital camera for vacation and family photos, you’ve just scratchedrepparttar surface of your camera’s uses. Digital photography has opened a new world of possibilities. Here are some fun, practical, and maybe even profitable, ways to use your digital camera.

Enhance your photo before uploading to an online dating service As online dating services become more and more popular, you may be considering this option to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. You’ll want to look your best to capturerepparttar 116244 attention of your potential mate, so how about brighter eyes and whiter teeth? It’s pretty easy to enhance your digital photo using inexpensive photo editing software such as Foto Finish or Jasc Paint Shop Pro. You can adjustrepparttar 116245 overall brightness and contrast to generally brightenrepparttar 116246 image. Zoom in on your eyes and usingrepparttar 116247 software’s polygon or magic wand tool, select justrepparttar 116248 whites of your eyes. Then userepparttar 116249 ‘adjust color’ or ‘adjust exposure’ tool to make your eyes brighter and less red. Similarly, you can zoom in and select your teeth, then adjustrepparttar 116250 color and exposure. And voila! A fresher, more alert and attractive-looking you.

Selling goods on eBay Research shows that merchandise with attractive photos sell at better prices. People are naturally drawn to appealing images. To show your items at best advantage, you can rig an inexpensive tabletop “studio” using a sheet of non-glare white plastic and a PVC pipe for support. The important points to remember are having a uniform background behind and belowrepparttar 116251 object and even lighting, either with shop lights or natural sunlight (through a window—it’s best to shoot indoors). You may need to adjustrepparttar 116252 white balance on your digital camera, which is easy to do on most new cameras. Then you can watchrepparttar 116253 auction bids rise on that antique clock you’re trying to sell.

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