First Time Travel to Europe – Your Six Month Planning Guide

Written by Jean Sutherland

So, you’ve decided that you want to travel to Europe withinrepparttar next year. Fantastic! Your trip is sure to be an exciting learning experience. This article will discussrepparttar 143378 key plans you’ll need to make before traveling to Europe, starting from six months outwards.

Traveling to Europe - Six Months Before You Go

It goes without saying that at this stage ofrepparttar 143379 game that you’ll need to pick where you plan on traveling within Europe. Pick up travel brochures, talk to a travel agent specializing in European destinations, speak with friends, and read magazines onrepparttar 143380 subject.

Ifrepparttar 143381 European destination you’ve chosen to travel to speaks another language that you aren’t familiar with, why not start learningrepparttar 143382 basics ofrepparttar 143383 language? Grab a book, take a course, or ask a friend familiar withrepparttar 143384 language and customs to help you out.

Also, you should think about picking up a European travel guide, such as Fodor’s orrepparttar 143385 Lonely Planet. Highlightrepparttar 143386 areas and attractions you’d like to visit.

Traveling to Europe - 3-4 Months Before You Go

Your European travel destination is getting closer. Are you excited yet? Now isrepparttar 143387 time to start withrepparttar 143388 practical planning aspects of your trip. Get a passport now, if you don’t have one already. Shop around for airline tickets, and places to stay. Ifrepparttar 143389 locale you’ve chosen has a different climate than what you are used to, look for clothing to take along with you – and don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes!

Are there any special festivals, activities or events that will occur while you are traveling to Europe? If so, you’ll need to book now. The largerrepparttar 143390 event,repparttar 143391 more time in advance you’ll want to make reservations.

Las Vegas - The Entertainment Capital

Written by Eric Madsen

In my opinion,repparttar Las Vegas area is one ofrepparttar 143211 nicest places inrepparttar 143212 Western US and falling in love with Las Vegas is easy to do. This town is "The Entertainment Capital ofrepparttar 143213 World"repparttar 143214 city welcomes 37.5 million people a year. Visitors love to enjoy dazzling shows, five star hotels, first rate nightclubs, unique shopping experiences, world class gaming, and plenty of Las Vegas coupons. There is a lot to see and do besides gambling: You can rent a car and visitrepparttar 143215 desert sights, such as Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. A drive from Vegas to Valley of Fire is about 1 hour and you can return via Hoover Dam. This makes for a nice 1/2 to 1 day trip, depending on how long you want to spend inrepparttar 143216 Valley or atrepparttar 143217 Dam. There's Lake Mead, with boat rentals, picnic areas, etc. They also offer raft trips downrepparttar 143218 Colorado River. Mt. Charleston offers cooler weather, horseback riding, picnic areas, camping, etc. As

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