First Make a Buck Then Make A Million

Written by David Galluzzo

This article isn't written withrepparttar "dot-com" millionaires orrepparttar 117989 internet marketing gurus in mind. It is instead written forrepparttar 117990 average person who has a desire to start and operate their own small internet business. Those looking to explorerepparttar 117991 exciting possibilities that exist in this online entrepreneurial frontier calledrepparttar 117992 world wide web. Those people whose lives can still be changed substantially by an extra one or two thousand dollars a month. Why do I excluderepparttar 117993 big money gurus? The answer is simple and it is this, "You have to make a buck before you can make a million," and it's that mind set that will keep you inrepparttar 117994 game. I'm sure we all know someone (or will before long) who took a run at starting an internet business, built a great website, submitted it torepparttar 117995 search engines, advertised inrepparttar 117996 classifieds and FFA pages, bought some banner impressions and "surprise" DIDN'T make a million dollars. Disappointment and soon apathy stepped in and shut downrepparttar 117997 motivation andrepparttar 117998 website quicker than you can say out of business buddy. Too bad, another casualty who heard and believed that millions of new people in a buying frenzy were coming online daily to make themrepparttar 117999 next overnight millionaire. Don't get me wrong. Good Product + Good Work Ethic + Tenacity = Success. Throw in a little duplication (which we'll save for another article) and you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It does happen and I sincerely hope it will happen very quickly for you. But if it shouldn't, I'm here to tell you, Work At Home Moms, College Students, Retirees, Small Business People, whoever you are and for whatever reason you need or want

Basic Tips To Start -And Succeed- On The Internet

Written by Dirk Dupon

Thousands of small business start up onrepparttar Internet every day, but most of them are bound to fail fromrepparttar 117988 very beginning.

Now, why is that? And what can be done about it?

Below I have created a short list to make your on line business succeed.

1) Find a niche market

First you need to find a subject where you can build your whole business -be it a web site or newsletter- around.

If you know a lot about car insurances or hiking, create a web site around it and find an affiliate program that will pay you out a good commission.

Of course it's better to sell your own product, like an information product -or E-book. Information products sell great on line, and will certainly bring you good money.

Tip: Don't know how to create an E-book? You can get one for free at:

2) Get your own unique domain name

Don't go forrepparttar 117989 cheap. Be professional, and get your own original domain name. Pick one that makes you stand out fromrepparttar 117990 rest.

There are many cheap domain name registrars around these days, and for a few bucks a month you can set up your own web site with a web hosting company.

Tip: Here's a service where you can register a domain name for only 13.50$:

Once your web site is ready and allrepparttar 117991 meta tags are put in place, you can submit it torepparttar 117992 biggest search engines by hand. This will give your web site listingrepparttar 117993 best result.

Tip: Userepparttar 117994 free RankPilot service to see if you're listed. Go here:

If you're not listed, re-submit your site. But allow a few weeks before you do this. Some search engines take more time than others to get your pages listed.

3) Make your site interesting

You should put lots of original content and helpful tips on your site, make your pages easy to navigate, and be sure to collect email addresses of your visitors to grow a list of prospects.

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