First Impressions turn fear into courage

Written by Peter Murphy

The top business people all sayrepparttar same thing first impressions count. Sounds easy, and it is easy for those few who can start a conversation with just about anyone but how many people do you know who are like that?

Onrepparttar 124072 other hand when youre shy its easy to avoid other people, shyness automatically comes with a PhD in how to creatively avoid people, especially strangers! However this tendency can prove detrimental to your business especially when you consider that your ultimate success can depend on approaching people and making a great first impression.

There is a better way; it is possible to use your mind in a simple yet powerful way that will make it easy for you to make a fantastic first impression. It involves applying peak performance principles in a special way.

Heres what I do when Im at a conference and I spot someone I know that I ought to say Hello to although my initial tendency is to just avoid them and hope that they dont see me.

First of all, feel yourself standing tall, just pretend that you feel dynamic, powerful and enthusiastic and take on that posture. Breathe deeply, chest out, and smile so wide that you can feelrepparttar 124073 stretch in your cheeks. Even if you make believe you will still tend to come across far better with whoever you approach.

Then, as you approach him or her, hear yourself saying HI or HELLO inside your head. The key is to makerepparttar 124074 sound very, very loud inside your head, really exaggerate it to impress your mind with your intention.

Successful Beyond Measure

Written by Jo McNamara

"I do not measure success byrepparttar quantity of what is in my checkbook, but byrepparttar 124071 quality of what is in my heart... but quantity is a close second." Jo McNamara

I looked uprepparttar 124072 word "successful" in my thesaurus and some ofrepparttar 124073 words listed were: happy, lucky, fortunate, unbeaten, undefeated, blossoming. If that isrepparttar 124074 definition of "successful", then I am truly "successful beyond measure."

I started dabbling in Internet marketing in October 2000. It didn't take long for me to become a victim ofrepparttar 124075 "become-a-millionaire- overnight" mentality that's so prevalent onrepparttar 124076 Web. I found a marketing system that was supposed to be so easy to sell that even beginners could start making moneyrepparttar 124077 VERY FIRST DAY! I spent most of my time advertising rather than learning HOW to advertise.

By January 2001, I considered Net marketing a hobby. I wasn't making any money andrepparttar 124078 $20 checks weren't filling my mailbox, but playingrepparttar 124079 Net marketing game was something amusing to do when I had some spare time.

In June, I found a program I was so impressed with, I became a member and an affiliate and started promoting it exclusively.

While I was promoting this program about Internet marketing, I was also learning from it. It wasn't long before I threw awayrepparttar 124080 "get-rich-quick" mindset. I began to realize that this is a profession and like any profession, I would have to take it seriously and learn my craft. (Never mind thatrepparttar 124081 last time I studied anything seriously, Nixon was president.)

Then it happened. My dabbling that had become a hobby was now a PASSION and my life hasn't beenrepparttar 124082 same since!


"All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love." Tolstoy

* "Not Quite Ready To Become a Member of Mensa, But..." Mentally I feel more alert and creative. Every day is a day of learning something new and of being continuously challenged. There's a clarity in my thinking I didn't have before. I actually feel like I've replaced some brain cells I destroyed inrepparttar 124083 '70s.

* "Move Over Energizer Bunny. She Just Keeps Going And Going and Going" Physically I have more energy. I can't wait to get up each day. I'm not waiting for something to happen; I'm making it happen. I believe that isrepparttar 124084 difference between living or merely existing.

* "It Has Been Said, "Everyone gets in a rut...a perfectionist moves in" Thinking outside ofrepparttar 124085 box has never been one of my strengths. But as I try to become more creative, I have to mentally push myself into areas that I'm not familiar with. I guess you could say, I have to evict myself from my comfort zone.

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