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Written by Marinda Stuiver

FirefoxIE announcedrepparttar launch of their new browser on 30 June 2005. It is anticipated that support for this user friendly browser will grow inrepparttar 147827 months to come seeing that FirefoxIE tookrepparttar 147828 lead in changingrepparttar 147829 way we communicate and use our web browsers.

One ofrepparttar 147830 tools added withrepparttar 147831 latest release is FirefoxIE SMS powered by SMS warehouse. The toolbar will allow users to send SMS right from their browser/desktop.

Installation ofrepparttar 147832 toolbar is as easy as pie. Once clients downloadedrepparttar 147833 latest FirefoxIE, users should click on “Tools”, Select Extensions and click on Send1.0. Closerepparttar 147834 browser and next time you open it, your SMS toolbar will be there.

If your toolbar does not show up immediately, you just activate it by clicking on “View”, “Toolbars” select “SMS Toolbar” and voila your toolbar will show up.

FirefoxIE SMS works as follow:

Each user has to register for an account. Upon registrationrepparttar 147835 user will receive 10 free test messages to play around with. Only one test account is allowed per registrant. During registrationrepparttar 147836 registrant is also required to submit their mobile number (international format = Country code + Area code + number If your country code is 1 for North America and your number is (613)555-1212 simply put in 16135551212). A validation code is sent torepparttar 147837 number submitted during registration. Users are required to validate their account. The system will promptrepparttar 147838 user after login untilrepparttar 147839 validation code has been submitted.

Once registered, it is plain sailing. Text messages could be sent directly fromrepparttar 147840 toolbar by enteringrepparttar 147841 username obtained during registration, password,repparttar 147842 mobile number (international format) andrepparttar 147843 message (GSM standard 160 characters)

Does Voice Over IP Telephony Spell the End for Traditional Telephones?

Written by Nick Carter

Just What is Voice Over IP Telephony?

Voice over Internet Telephony is technology that means you can hold telephone calls overrepparttar Internet or an IP network. It eliminatesrepparttar 147777 need for having separate lines for your Internet connection and dedicated voice transfer lines. There are many advantages to VoIP but because it is still an advancing technology you need to shop around to findrepparttar 147778 best deal. No cumbersome circuit switching is required and there is no depletion inrepparttar 147779 bandwidth associated with normal dual line systems. VoIP protocol means that voice data is only sent overrepparttar 147780 network when it needs to be, freeing up that bandwidth when you aren’t making ‘calls’.

What arerepparttar 147781 Advantages of VoIP.

Voice over Internet Telephony isn’t widely used in office networks, let alone inrepparttar 147782 home, however if you make international phone calls then you are probably being routed through IP infrastructure because ofrepparttar 147783 lower costs of calls. What this does mean, though, is thatrepparttar 147784 infrastructure is quite obviously already in place and anyone who chooses can do so easily. This means that you can ‘call’ friends, family or associates using your own VoIP withoutrepparttar 147785 need for them to haverepparttar 147786 same technology installed.

The costs are phone calls that are reduced dramatically by using VoIP and oncerepparttar 147787 infrastructure is in place there are usually little or no additional infrastructure charges required making it a cost effective and affordable telephony solution.

Because VoIP is a new technology you getrepparttar 147788 usual advantages of employing a new technology; increased technological advances and new technologies are employed meaning you get a state ofrepparttar 147789 art system. Telecommunications providers have been regularly using IP networks to transfer voice data and so most ofrepparttar 147790 teething problems have been thoroughly investigated and ironed out and allrepparttar 147791 advancements made have been integrated into a system you can have installed in your home, office or business.

You don’t necessarily have to transmit your calls overrepparttar 147792 Internet, and for more secure calls you can use private IP networks. For this reason many large businesses already have IP systems in place making inter-business calls much cheaper.

Electronic numbering makes it possible to dial traditional E 164 phone numbers connected entirely by your Internet connection. This means that you won’t face any call charges whatsoever, and all you will have to pay will berepparttar 147793 cost of your Internet connection.

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