Fire Walkers # 1

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

DERVISH: - Whirling and ecstatically altering their conscious and soul full interconnections with all around them. These people ofrepparttar Middle East are a lot like Native dancers and dream dancers fromrepparttar 146067 whole ofrepparttar 146068 world and deep intorepparttar 146069 dark recesses of human existence on earth. Needless to say their behavior has little relevance forrepparttar 146070 western academics of such soul-denying professions as those who do NOT know how to actually cure people or whyrepparttar 146071 soul is important in that process of wholistic balance in human lives-and JOY! The quotation fromrepparttar 146072 book 'Wonder Child' isrepparttar 146073 kind of thing we should read over and over again until we know why it makes 'common sense' versusrepparttar 146074 constant bombardment of manipulative messages and fear-mongering to dividerepparttar 146075 human family.

In our entry onrepparttar 146076 origins of language (Ogham) we mentioned 'Huna' and Max Freedom Long's work withrepparttar 146077 chants and mind-altering effects ofrepparttar 146078 Hawaiian language. Here we see him engaged in somethingrepparttar 146079 'real' world we live in, can seldom observe, and most scientists would hesitate to hold forth their 'expertise' and try to explain.

“Max Freedom Long gives a detailed account of how his mentor, Dr W. T. Brigham ofrepparttar 146080 British Museum, was taken onto fresh boiling lava near a volcano on Kona Island by three Kahuna - local magicians. They instructed him to take his boots off as they would not be covered byrepparttar 146081 Kahuna protection, {The 'protection' needs more conscious soul to connect with or throughrepparttar 146082 staterepparttar 146083 Kahuna [perhaps Druids are their teachers according to my Wiccan high priestess] generate with their discipline and understanding.} but he refused. As he watched one ofrepparttar 146084 three walk calmly ontorepparttar 146085 lava flow,repparttar 146086 other two suddenly pushed him and finding himself onrepparttar 146087 hot lava, he had no choice but to keep on running torepparttar 146088 other side. Inrepparttar 146089 course ofrepparttar 146090 150-foot dash, his boots and socks were burned off. The three Kahunas, still strolling barefoot onrepparttar 146091 lava, burst into laughter as they pointed outrepparttar 146092 trail of bits of burning leather.

What does go on in a fire-walk? Dr White expressesrepparttar 146093 widely held view thatrepparttar 146094 walkers are in an exalted state of mind which suppresses pain. Yet there are fire-walks without trance or ecstasy. Neither is there any evidence to suggest that damaged tissues heal up so rapidly that they are not noticed (a process sometimes observed among Dervish, Hindu, Balinese and other body-piercing devotees) {Including piercing with swords.}. In The Crack inrepparttar 146095 Cosmic Egg (1973) by J. C. Pearce,repparttar 146096 author suggests thatrepparttar 146097 firewalk is a classic illustration ofrepparttar 146098 creation of a new reality (albeit temporary and local) in which fire does not burn {But why did Brigham’s boots burn?} inrepparttar 146099 familiar way. As long as this reality is maintained all is well, butrepparttar 146100 history ofrepparttar 146101 fire-walk contains many accounts of gruesome fatalities and shocking damage to those whose faith is snapped {Brigham was not a 'faithful'.} so that they were plunged back intorepparttar 146102 world where fire burns. The magical state of affairs in which flesh, and sometimes other material, is immune to fire is created, it seems, byrepparttar 146103 person who officiates at fire-walking ceremonies. Leroy's Muslim writhed onrepparttar 146104 ground in agony as soon asrepparttar 146105 Maharajah announcedrepparttar 146106 end ofrepparttar 146107 proceedings. It was explained torepparttar 146108 bishop thatrepparttar 146109 man had takenrepparttar 146110 burning upon himself. In 'Women Called Wild', Mrs Rosita Forbes describes a fire-dance ceremony in Surinam, presided over by a virgin priestess, among descendants of African slaves who had intermarried withrepparttar 146111 local Indians. The priestess was in a trance forrepparttar 146112 duration ofrepparttar 146113 fire-dance, and if she had emerged from it unexpectedly,repparttar 146114 dancers would no longer have been immune fromrepparttar 146115 flames. We have to agree with Dr Comey that psychical and psychological theories alone do not account for what happens {Unless you are more than just a psychic likerepparttar 146116 Kahuna, Druids and Yamabushi.}, and that some physical phenomenon takes place…

{This isrepparttar 146117 crux ofrepparttar 146118 lack of 'thinking' that goes on inrepparttar 146119 paradigm which tries to say it is 'open-minded' and able to observerepparttar 146120 real world. What is psychic if not physical? Are they saying cellular phones are able to communicate through 'magic'? Just because you can't see 'protection' or conscious attunements that make each part ofrepparttar 146121 body able to absorbrepparttar 146122 fire's energy and translate it to other specific uses doesn't mean it isn't real.} … which has not been understood or explained.

Stre-e-e-etch Your Imagination

Written by Rosella Aranda

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embracesrepparttar entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." Albert Einstein, Physicist, 1879-1955 This one quote alone is a pretty compelling reason to learn how to turn our imaginative genius loose. All of us have a fairly vivid imagination, but unfortunately, we do not control it. It controls us. It runs willy-nilly on its own, painting pictures in our minds of things that we do NOT want to materialize. What's even more alarming isrepparttar 145995 fact thatrepparttar 145996 same reel of pictures keeps playing over and over again. There are statistics that indicate that ofrepparttar 145997 many thousands of thoughts that we have inrepparttar 145998 course of a single day,repparttar 145999 vast majority of them arerepparttar 146000 same old, tired out, uninspired thoughts that we had earlier inrepparttar 146001 day, andrepparttar 146002 day before, andrepparttar 146003 day before that, ad nauseum. Here are some simple visualization exercises that will help you train your imagination to flex its muscles. You can perform these anytime, anywhere, and in just a matter of seconds. Exercise 1 - Color Me Beautiful Focus on any object in your immediate vicinity. Mentally change its color. Some people try to be too literal-minded about this and claim that they cannot “see”repparttar 146004 different color. Just get a flashing “sense” of it being this different color. That’s all that is needed. Run through several colors in rapid succession. Changerepparttar 146005 finish from a high gloss to a matte finish. Make it fuzzy. Make it wet. You can graduate to seeing multi-colored patterns: plaids, stripes, polka dots, animal prints, etc. Exercise 2 – Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me Once again focus on any object. Increase its size, more, more, even more. Now shrink it back again. Make it so tiny that it all but disappears. Make it fat and puffy and then skinny and sunken. Pull it like taffy and make it stretch and twist and bend and fold. Now turnrepparttar 146006 object inside

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